Executive - Short & Damage

Group Company: Varuna Integrated Logistics Pvt. Ltd

Designation: Executive-Short & Damage (VL0520)

Office Location: Chennai Chennai (Zonal Office)

Position description:

Roles & Responsibilities

·        Fully responsible for all typeof DEPS Internal /External

·        Coordination with all projectin charges & collecting information about the DEPS

·        Ensure proper recording of AllDEPS within timelines internal /customer level /Maintain client records byreviewing case notes

·        Follow-ups with till closer

·        Analytic skills to prevent DEPS/ DEPS Control

·        To ensure proper informationwith management for any DEPS on daily basis

·        Maintain documentation of allloss prevention activity

·        Visit warehouse to ensurecompliance with company policies and procedures

·        DEPS RCA and submission      

Vendor Recoveries

·        Debit Notes

Technical Skills

·        Good Knowledge in Excel ,

·        PPT Documentation skills

Behavioral Skills

·        Identify potential for loss anddevelop strategies to eliminate it.

Additional Qualities / knowledge / Skillsneeded to perform the job Decision making

Primary Responsibilities:

  • ully responsible for all type of DEPS Internal /External
  • Coordination with all project in charges & collecting information about the DEPS

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Additional Qualities / knowledge / Skills needed to perform the job Decision making
  • Good Knowledge in Excel ,
  • PPT Documentation skills

Reporting Team

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  • Reporting Department:

Educational qualifications preferred

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  • Field specialization:
  • Degree:
  • Academic score:
  • Institution tier:

Required Certification/s:

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Required work experience

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  • Role:
  • Years of experience: to

Key Performance Indicators:

Required Competencies:

Required Knowledge:

Required Skills:

Required abilities

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Work Environment Details:

Specific requirements

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Other details

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