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Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector is the fourth largest sector in, and naturally a significant contributor to, the Indian economy. Every house in the country, across the societal strata, spends a large portion of their income on these products. The sector is set to flourish rapidly in the coming years, egged on by growing awareness, ready access and changing lifestyles. As customer demands grow and new trends rise, Varuna Group makes sure that you can take care of them with aplomb with our robust portfolio of technology-enabled logistics services, enabling you to observe safe & secure transportation, peak en route visibility, incredible transit time savings and 100% order fulfilment while cutting down on the effective logistical costs of products.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We are proud to assist some of India’s leading FMCG players in achieving transparency, reliability and predictability across their supply chains, and fulfil customer expectations in a remarkably consistent manner. With excellence as our inspiration, we are constantly innovating and improving to make our systems robust for storing and transporting FMCG products.

Flexible Warehousing with Efficient Transportation
(MUF and MXL vehicles of 3 different types - single, double and
triple dedicated climate-controlled storage and transportation facility for FMCG products)

To maintain the optimum transportation and storage atmosphere, the FMCG products are stored in Varuna’s MUF and transported by Multi-axle vehicles, both of which are equipped with climate control to maintain the correct temperature

Stringent Quality Standards
(Assure quality through - 5S, QMS, FSSAI, Fire and our own SOP's)

To ensure that the consignment reaches the destination with its quality intact, Varuna keeps a keen eye on the quality standard through various quality checks like 5S, QMS, FSSAI, Fire and follow their own laid out SOPs

Streamlined operations

Varuna has laid out a systematic approach for its operations and follows the global standard of FEFO (First Expired, First Out) to maintain the quality of the consignment.

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