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With technological advancements, most businesses are shifting from single or multi channel retail to omni channel retail. The omni channel retail system gives a seamless experience to customers and business owners alike. The millennial generation is dependent on the internet for the majority of their purchases and to ease that experience the data is centralized. This enables the businesses to sell the same product from a brick-and-mortar store, their website and even through a third-party vendor. But to successfully implement the omni channel strategy it is crucial to have a strong and integrated logistics system.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Varuna Group has partnered with numerous omni channel retailers to provide them with a seamless logistics experience for their online and offline customers. The flexibility and transparency of transportation and warehousing facilities provided by Varuna fine tune the operations, providing optimal support.

Flexible Warehousing Facility

Omni channel businesses require flexibility in terms of size, services and location to meet the customer demand in the shortest possible time. To meet all these requirements the MUFs of Varuna Group have supported the businesses in many ways.

In-transit Visibility of Consignment

Varuna Group being technologically inclined provides the customers with complete visibility of real-time updates on the consignment throughout its journey. This optimises the operations of the customer allowing them to meet the customer demands.

Predictable Order Fulfillment Process

To meet the promises of same-day or next-day delivery and return, it is important for the logistics company to be rightly placed. With the perfect placement of warehouses of Varuna Group, we have been able to keep up with the promises made to the customer.

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