About Varuna Group

The foundation of Varuna Group was laid in 1996, at the threshold of a new era in Indian logistics. With the principles of customer-centricity, operational excellence and transparency at the nexus, today, we partner with supply chain leaders in managing their end-to-end logistics operations to reduce the effective landed cost of products. Our 1500+ trained specialists in 60+ branches across India are focused on accelerating the growth of our clients through high operational efficiency and incredible service.


Work with us to consistently experience excellent service, accelerated growth and reduced effective landed cost of products.

Service Excellence - Varuna Group
       Service Excellence

We surpass your expectations, every single time, through our relentless commitment to excellence.

       Reduced Effective Landed Cost
       of Products

We aid in reducing the effective landed cost of products through our single-minded focus on operational efficiency.

Reduced Cost of Products - Varuna Group
Growth Acceleration - Varuna Group
       Growth Acceleration

With the promise of 100% order fullfillment, market leading transit times, 0.01% damage ratio we act as a catlayst for your business growth.

For Customers

To provide an efficient, predictable and transparent service that reduces the effective landed cost of products and enhances market competitiveness.

For Employees

To provide an equitable workplace that rewards persistent commitment and results in a fulfilling, meaningful and a high growth career.

Our Vision - Varuna Group
To be India's leading shared
logistics network operator

In a shared logistics network, multiple companies align to share resources across their supply chains to optimise landed costs basis the complementary materials they produce. Key resources like warehouse space, vehicle capacity, manpower and administrative support may be shared in suitable ratios with others via a built-in pay-as-you-use component, ensuring a win-win situation.

experience excellence

Our tagline is inspired by the way we have always functioned - benchmarking ourselves against the best while guranteeing nothing but excellence to you. It is both our motivation to seek continuous improvement in everything we do and our promise of a perfect service to you.

Core values
We are transparent
We are transparent

We share our ideas, doubts and suggestions proactively and with complete honesty.

Always say the truth
Always say the truth

Truth is what we say and what we do. Whatever the situation, we choose truth over comfort.

Deliver on commitment
Deliver on commitment

Be it with each other or with our clients, we deliver what we promise.

Technology first
Technology first

We utilise technology to drive efficiency and reliability into our services.

Do the right thing, even when no one is watching
Do the right thing, even when no one is watching

We honour our commitments with integrity and conduct our business the right way.

Challenge the status quo
Challenge the status quo

We constantly push our limits and keep moving, establishing new standards along the way.

Make our customers successful
Make our customers successful

We are constantly helping our clients deliver on their commitments to the market.

CSR Initiatives - Varuna Group
CSR Initiatives
Going the extra mile to create a positive impact

We are a socially, economically & environmentally conscious company, striving to build a sustainable future.
We strongly believe that as we move ahead, our actions should have a
positive impact.

Some of our CSR initiatives include:
  • Establishing a Computer Lab and a Solar Power Centre at an Asha Kiran (NGO) in Dharuhera, Haryana

  • Sponsoring Girl Child Education at Aarushi Homes, a centre under the Salaam Baalak Trust

  • Granting scholarships for the higher education of the girl children of our team members who cannot afford it

Investing in passionate people, robust technologies and the right systems to ascend your growth.