Welcome to Varuna Group

Varuna Group was founded in 1996 with customer-centricity, operational excellence and transparency fuelling its core. Today, we are the priority partner for India's supply chain leaders who count on us to efficiently manage their end-to-end logistics operations and reduce the effective landed cost of products.



Founder - Vikas Juneja


Founder & Chairman

Mr Vikas Juneja is a visionary businessman, a seasoned entrepreneur and an inspiring leader. With 30+ years of experience in managing large fleet operations, he has played a key role in developing some of the best industry practices in the country.


Founder & Managing Director

Mr Vivek Juneja has been pivotal in ushering transparent and fair business practices in the industry. Under his remarkable leadership, Varuna Group has delivered superior service to its clients while fostering customer-centricity and a DNA of operational excellence.

Founder - Vivek Juneja
Our Journey - Varuna Group


Becoming one of India's top 3PL, warehousing and logistics services provider

Our unswerving commitment to our foundational principles - staying transparent, agile & ethical with our clients - has played an instrumental
role in our growth.

Investing in passionate people, robust technologies and the right systems to ascend your growth.