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The Indian Food & Beverage (F&B) sector is the global leader as the number of consumers is the highest. The industry is the fifth-largest sector in manufacturing. There are certain segments within the industry that are gaining immense acceptability amongst the customers. This is giving the opportunity to many players in the sector. To meet the ever increasing demand it is crucial for the logistics and warehousing industry to streamline the operations for the F&B industry.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We have forged a strong relationship with leading players of the F&B industry and have enabled them to maximise their profits while minimising the risk. We have showcased our capabilities of transparency, reliability and predictability to optimally meet the customer expectations. A constant development in our transportation and warehousing facilities has also enabled us to transport and store your F&B products.

Efficient Transportation

Varuna Group’s MUF and the fleet of Multi-axle vehicles are duly equipped with climate control to maintain the ideal atmosphere during transportation and storage of F&B products.

Systematic Operations

We, at Varuna Group, follow the global standard of FEFO (First Expired, First Out) that helps maintain the quality of the products, streamlining the operations of the F&B industry.

Stringent Quality Checks

To reduce the in-transit damage and to ensure the high quality of consignment, every consignment undergoes a myriad of rigorous quality checks like 5S, QMS, FSSAI, Fire and follow a set of their own SOPs.

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