Integrated Management System

Dedicated Apps for Different Operations

Tech-enabled Vehicle Tracking

Centralised Data Centre

Technology is in our DNA

Technology is a strategic focus area at Varuna Group. As a company operating in the connected age, we understand the transformative power of customer-centered digital experiences and are continuously investing in them in order to strengthen your rapidly evolving supply chains. We are developing and leveraging digital technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Intelligence, among others to develop capabilities that help you experience complete visibility, enhanced efficiency and greater profitability.

Artificial Intelligence

AI helps reduce redundancy, errors and slow-downs. It improves and enhances the accuracy, productivity and cost effectiveness of supply chain operations.

Internet Things

Beacons, sensors and RFID ensure high visibility and accurate data capturing. This drives more predictability, efficiency and reliability within the entire supply chain ecosystem.

Data Analytics

Data analytics optimises various operations like enabling better forecasting and planning by structuring and analysing big chunks of data sets captured at various points in the supply chain.

Fostering an agile and resilient supply chain
Fostering an agile
and resilient supply chain
       Custom ERP

The custom ERP tracks, monitors and optimises our transportation service. The backbone of our operations, it integrates indent generation, control tower, billing, and many other operations while ensuring greater efficiency, transparency and visibility in the system.

Custom ERP
Fleet Maintenance Portal

       Fleet Maintenance Portal

The fleet maintenance portal optimises vehicle care and never lets preventive maintenance, routine inspections or repairs be neglected. It enables the upkeep of a robust fleet across the country while keeping a track on compliance, productivity and costs.

       Warehouse Management
       System (WMS)

The WMS enables us to efficiently control, administer and manage the warehousing operations, right from the time of entry of shipments in the warehouse to the time they exit. It also offers us complete visibility pertaining to the location of inventory, at any time. It is integrable with your system.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Transport Management System (TMS)
       Transport Management System

The Transport Management System (TMS) is critical to the successful functioning of our warehouses pan India and can easily be integrated with existing systems. Whether it's determining the right load or accurate in-transit inventory visibility, TMS ensures swift, predictable and effective delivery across the board.

       Centralised Financial System

An organisational asset, the centralised financial system tracks, manages and optimises the cumbersome billing and invoicing processes in a streamlined and systematic manner, ensuring accuracy and speed in operations.

Centralised Financial System
Our Technology Infrastructure

This app allows you to generate indents, track and analyse consignments, from the moment they're loaded in a vehicle until they are delivered. It is the single point that offers you multiple functionalities like tracking the performance of your logistics operations, checking your order history, accessing your documentation, and much more.


This app has been designed for internal use by our team to swiftly serve the vehicle demands placed by you. It connects us to our officially approved fleet and lets us earmark the available vehicles for spot indents.


This is our internal HRMS portal. It's the one-stop digital destination for our team members to keep tabs on their personal information, get the latest company updates, partake in learning & development activities and receive rewards & recognition.


The V-Warehouse Management System (V-WMS) enhances the efficiency of warehousing operations. It enables you to track your inventory throughout the warehousing cycle while planning, managing and controlling the same.


A progressive step towards digitisation of logistics, this app acts as a mobile workstation for the on-ground staff, enabling greater efficiency and swiftness.


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