Nurturing your potential, today & always

Our people drive us forward. Their energy, passion and willingness to deliver excellence inspire us to be more and do more for them as an organisation every day. That's why we have carefully charted paths for our employees to grow in any role that they choose to pursue with us. These are coupled with extensive training & development modules, across all levels in the company. While the modules identified for each role are different, a few key areas that we lay equal emphasis on for all, include:

Understanding Brand - Varuna Group
Understanding Brand Varuna

Getting to know our ethos, what we believe in & what we strive to be

Effective communication at Varuna Group
Practising effective communication

Extensive guidance on how to master the art of communication

Improving gradually - Varuna Group
Improving gradually yet steadily

Understanding Kaizen & practising it every day to enhance productivity

Prioritising technology - Varuna Group
Prioritising technology in your day-to-day

Embracing technology & leveraging it to get better at what you do

Specialised training for every role

Our thoughtfully designed learning programmes help our team members acquire the knowledge to do their jobs perfectly while delivering on-point customer experience and learning the right skills to make great strides in their career.

Management Team - Varuna Group
       Management team

Our management team undergoes specialised training sessions on Project Management & Implementation, SOPs & Automation, Auditing, and other managerial tasks.

       Executives & On-ground
       Operations team

Our executives & on-ground operations team benefit from the training modules focusing on SOPs, online applications, effective team collaboration, and more.

On Ground Operations - Varuna Group
Fleet staff - Varuna Group
       Fleet Staff

The members of our fleet team receive extensive training on Weight Survey of vehicles, Battery Maintenance, Data Feeding, Slack Adjuster, and other key measures.

       Driving Team

Our driving team undergoes a focused training module outlining season and/or time specific precautions, on-route information & safety points, and other crucial areas of learning.

Driving Team - Varuna Group
Career Growth at Varuna Group

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