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Logistics Management Services

Varuna Group is a leading logistics services provider in India, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to support the supply chain needs of clients. Varuna's integrated logistics platform features advanced technology, experienced professionals, and a commitment to excellence that enables us to deliver unparalleled results.

As the premier logistics company in India, Our logistics management services include transportation, warehousing, inventory, and supply chain management. We utilise advanced routing algorithms and real-time tracking technology to optimise transportation routes and ensure the timely delivery of goods. Our supply chain management services help clients optimise their logistics operation, from sourcing and production to delivery and value added services.

We measure performance through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as on-time delivery rate, inventory turnover, and order fulfilment accuracy, ensuring consistently meeting and exceeding industry standards. As one of the leading Logistics Companies in India, we take pride in our unique selling point- the ability to provide customized logistics solutions tailored to each client's specific needs.

Varuna's logistics management services have a track record of delivering a 95% on-time placement, saving transit time by 50% and achieving an order fulfilment accuracy of 99.8%. We strive to continually improve and adapt our services to meet clients' ever-evolving needs, positioning ourselves as a leader in the third-party logistics industry.

Swift, safe and on-time delivery pan India

Over the last 20+ years, Varuna Group has built deep operational capabilities while addressing key challenges commonly faced by the Indian logistics industry such as high transit times, lack of real-time vehicle tracking data, high incidence of en-route damages and rampant malpractices in goods handling. As owners and operators of the country’s largest dry cargo container fleet comprising 2000+ vehicles, supported by a robust digital infrastructure and a team of highly trained professionals, we provide our customers a logistics management experience they can trust.

Logistics Companies In India
Primary Transportation Services

Ship your finished or unfinished goods from suppliers to manufacturing facilities or assembly plants and warehouses with industry-leading placement efficiency and transit times, anywhere in India.

Secondary Transportation Services

Leverage our last-mile delivery services to ship products from warehouses and distribution centres to smaller distribution centres and/or retailers.

best logistics company in india
top logistics companies in india
Expedited Transportation Services

Trust us to ship your critical supplies that prioritise JIT deliveries with the help of our dedicated fleet, skilled drivers and centralized control tower.

Project Cargo Services

Leverage our specialized infrastructure and experienced team for handling and transporting your large, complex and heavy lift cargo for projects, anywhere in India.

best logistic company in india

Be unstoppable with
India’s largest dry cargo container fleet

Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Maintenance
  • 400+ fleet management staff and 5 world-class MRO hubs at par with OEM certified facilities
  • An advanced preventive fleet diagnostics & maintenance system to check 27 parameters before a trip, record en-route fleet maintenance, among others
Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring
Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring
  • A Control Tower and an IoT enabled tracking dashboard that operates on automated vehicle-based notifications in real-time to monitor the entire fleet
  • GPS installation in all vehicles
Goods Safety at Varuna Group
Goods Safety
  • Safe lock mechanism (One time locks)
  • Regular shower & light checks
  • Custom built bodies with extra safety measures
Vehicle Safety at Varuna Group
Vehicle Safety
  • Panic button in all vehicles
  • On-road accident and maintenance team to ensure that consignments resume journey within 4 hours post vehicle repair

Driving efficiency at every
milestone through digital technologies

Our digital-first approach enables us to steer your logistics operations with ease, efficiency and complete transparency.

Our Systems
Customized ERP by Varuna Group
Customized ERP

Digitisation of indents, payments, loading point operations, POD & more

Vehicle Maintainance Portal by Varuna Group
Vehicle Maintenance Portal

Regularly monitors and optimises fleet maintenance

Our Interfaces
V-Connect by Varuna Group

An internal app for sourcing vehicles
on demand from an approved fleet for
spot indents

V-Track by Varuna Group

A dedicated customer portal for
tracking shipments and access order history

V-Manage by Varuna Group

A mobile app for our on-ground
team to help them manage their
responsibilities seamlessly

Empowering our
most valuable assets,
our drivers
Trainning at India's best logistics company - Varuna Group
  • A comprehensive training program on safe driving practices
  • Regular upskilling & reskilling to ease the adoption of new practices
  • Polygon geofencing for efficient vehicle tracking & complete visibility
  • Video monitoring at key checkpoints, tracking in-transit driver behaviour & sending voice/video messages offering corrective measures via a dedicated driver app
logistics management service provider
logistics management services
  • Strict adherence to HSE norms
  • Provision of healthy food at subsidised prices
  • Prepaid cards to facilitate cashless payments for fuel, tolls & self-care
Best logistics company - Varuna Group
Empowering you to succeed

Our skilled and dedicated specialists work closely with you to understand the challenges that you're facing and recommend the right solutions at the right time. They uphold our commitment to operational efficiency which ultimately translates into service excellence & growth acceleration for you.

Reducing the effective logistics costs of products by 8% for an FMCG giant
Reducing the effective logistics costs of products by 8% for an FMCG giant


Identifying and Overcoming Supply Chain Disruptions
Identifying and Overcoming Supply Chain Disruptions

The Indian logistics industry contributes more than ?15 lakh crores to the economy and employs more than 40 million people. Yet, it is not immune to supply chain disruptions. While some disturbances can be predicted and prevented, others cannot.

Indian Logistics During Covid-19 Pandemic - The Journey from Resilience to Rebound
Indian Logistics During Covid-19 Pandemic - The Journey from Resilience to Rebound

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the effects of Covid-19 would drastically change the way we strategize, execute and grow our businesses. The economical, social and political impact of the pandemic will be felt wide and deep. The imminent changes in consumer behaviour will lead to changes in the way the world around us functions. A lot of companies will actively realign their supply chain network and drive lean operations based on the principles of transparency, predictability and agility across the globe.

5 Qualities Your Logistics <br> Partner Should Have
5 Qualities Your Logistics
Partner Should Have

As organisations flourish and add new business lines, they rely heavily on well-organised supply chains steered and supported by sophisticated logistics. Efficiency is the key to satisfying each customer’s growing need for quick & reliable product deliveries. It is also a defining factor when it comes to being a step ahead of the competition.

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