Tranparency at Varuna Group
We are transparent

We share our ideas, doubts and suggestions proactively and with complete honesty.

Truthfulness at Varuna Group
Always say the truth

Truth is what we say and what we do. Whatever the situation, we choose truth over comfort.

Deliver on Commitment - Varuna Group
Deliver on commitment

Be it with each other or with our clients, we deliver what we promise.

Technology First - Varuna Group
Technology first

We utilise technology to drive efficiency and reliability into our services.

Doing Right thing at Varuna Group
Do the right thing, even when no one is watching

We honour our commitments with integrity and conduct our business the right way.

Challenge the status quo
Challenge the status quo

We constantly push our limits and keep moving, establishing new standards along the way.

Making Customers Successful at Varuna
Make our customers successful

Customer success is an integral part of our culture. We are constantly helping our clients deliver on their commitments to the market.

Foster Excellence - Varuna Group
Our people help us
foster excellence

Employee Value Proposition

Our employees are our partners in growth. We foster a diverse, transparent, and supportive work culture that empowers them to pursue their career goals, achieve their full potential, and drive meaningful impact every day.

As a people-centered organization, we prioritise creating a safe, transparent, and encouraging work environment that supports our employees at every step of their careers with us. Our thoughtfully laid down policies promote their holistic development through competitive compensation, wellness programmes, financial support, rewards and recognition, learning and development opportunities, and initiatives that encourage work-life balance. We are committed to openness and equity, and provide equal opportunities to all.

Working with us

At Varuna Group, we keep our employees at the centre of everything we do. We strongly believe that a happy and supported team is the foundation of our success and sustainable growth, which is why we have extensively worked towards creating employee benefits that empower and support our people.

Our comprehensive benefits not only enhance their work experience but also contribute to their overall well-being. These include best compensation practices with a mature strategy focused on hiring for skills rather than experience, wellness programmes for our employees and their loved ones, financial benefits, learning & development opportunities, and more.

Explore our employee benefits to know how we support our team to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

*The eligibility for this benefit is subject to the company's existing policy.

Our Ethos - Varuna Group
Our Ethos

We are committed to fostering a strong ethos that promotes transparency, collaboration, and accountability. We accomplish this by clearly defining the mission and vision, conducting monthly town halls, having an open-door policy, and detailing hierarchy and reporting structures.

Diversity and Equity - Varuna Group
Diversity and Equity
Well being with Varuna Group

Our employees' physical, mental, and emotional well-being is always maintained and of prime importance.

Health Insurance : We provide health insurance to employees, their families and extended family such as their in-laws. Additionally, every employee is offered an accidental insurance policy.

Term Insurance Plan : We provide a term insurance plan to all our employees, wherein 12 months of salary is paid to the family of the employee, in case of death.

In-house Doctor Consultations : We offer free consultations by top medical professionals who are dedicated to supporting the physical, mental & emotional well-being of employees. We also provide access to preventive care dental checks, online consultations, and discounted rates at pharmacies through an online subscription with a medical app.

Mental and Emotional Well-being : We conduct regular yoga and meditation sessions along with team outings and office get-togethers to build and maintain employees’ mental health as well as promote a culture of togetherness.

Connector Shuttle : We ensure a stress-free commute to and from the major metro stations, including coaches and shuttles for all employees.

Proffesional Growth - Varuna Group
Professional Growth

We prioritise the career development of our employees by providing them with a wide range of learning opportunities that support their personal and professional development. These include:

  • Enrollment in India's top B Schools like ISB, MDI, Narsee Monjee, XLRI & more

  • Identifying and training potential leaders with the help of our in-house capability development training programme, UDAAN

Rewards and Recognition - Varuna Group
Rewards and Recognition

We felicitate outstanding achievers who demonstrate value championship and service excellence in the company.

Work-life Balance -  Varuna Group
Work-life Balance

A satisfactory work-life balance is one of our primary offerings. We help our employees cater to life beyond work with

Short Leaves : We help accommodate the family needs of our employees by offering them two Short Leaves every month. These leaves give them the liberty to either start work 2 hours late or leave work two hours early on any two days a month.

Special Leaves : We also support our employees and their families with Maternal, Paternal & Bereavement leaves.

Defined Shifts & Office Timings Flexibility : While we have defined shifts, we also have arrangements allowing flexible office hours.

Safety First : We encourage our employees to finish work within the stipulated working hours. Women employees can avail a complimentary cab service in the eventuality of a late working day and also benefit through a free-of-charge shuttle service from all major metro stations.

Hybrid Work Policy For Key Functions : We offer a hybrid work model for key functions.

Sabbatical* : We offer employees a sabbatical to focus on their career development or mental well-being.

Financial Benefits - Varuna Group
Financial Benefits

Our comprehensive financial benefits give employees freedom from financial worries.

Competitive Compensation : Our salaries are at par with industry standards.

Flexi Pay Structure : We have a unique flexible payment structure to increase savings and manage finances accordingly.

Financial Support* : We understand that significant life events like children's education, marriage, and emergencies need additional financial support. We offer zero-interest loans to our employees as per policy.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOPs)* : We provide an ownership stake in the organization in the form of ESOPs.

Financial Management Programmes : We extend support to help our team make informed financial decisions through our regular educational programmes.

Half-yearly Promotions and Salary Corrections : We fairly compensate outstanding performers by offering half-yearly promotions and salary corrections.

Transfer Benefits : We offer comprehensive financial backing/aid in the case of a transfer.

Incentives on Innovation : We have attractive incentives for sharing innovative ideas in place.

Car Lease for Middle and Senior Management* : We extend special car lease arrangements and driver facilities for middle and senior management professionals.

Leave Encashment : Our employees can encash unused earned leaves at the end of the year.


Our people are regularly exposed to opportunities to improve their existing skills and develop new ones with the help of a well-planned system for learning & development.

Learning & Development - Varuna Group
Testimonies - Varuna Group
The inspiring stories of our people & their life at Varuna Group

With over 1500+ people at 60+ branch locations, we bring to you diverse stories from different departments of our organisation. Read the firsthand accounts of our employees and experience our side of the world, from their perspective. Discover how they started, how their career has evolved and what their journey has taught them.

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