5 Lacs+

Sq. ft. MUF space

Upto 30%

space for flexible use

Upto 10%

cost reduction


Grade A warehouses

Varuna Logistics

Our Multi User Facilities (MUF) are designed to offer flexible warehousing capable of fulfilling your short, medium and long term warehousing needs efficiently, MUFs offer a cost-effective solution wherein multiple clients share the cost of a Grade A warehousing space, expert resources & material handling equipment. With a unique ‘pay-per-use’ model, you can book only a portion of the warehouse anytime and simply pay for the space occupied and the value added services most suitable to your needs. This is especially beneficial for clients in sectors where seasonal or uncertain demands are common. Powered by a well-trained workforce, advanced digital technologies, streamlined processes and a robust quality management system, make the most of these facilities and witness your supply chain getting leaner, agile and more cost effective over time.



Access our Grade A Multi User Facilities where you pay only for the space you use, experience on-demand value added services, and sustained savings, all year round.
Dedicated & trained workforce
Dedicated & trained workforce
Skilled in handling of special products
Skilled in handling of special products
Automation enabled
Automation enabled
Robust and flexible warehousing system
Robust and flexible warehousing system
Stringent quality compliances
Stringent quality compliances
Cold storage ready
Cold storage ready
Access world class infrastructure,
at a fraction of the cost
Sustained Cost Reduction

Experience an increase in your savings and profit as you pay only for the space and services you utilise, reducing the inventory carrying costs.

Faster Time to Market

With presence in all major hubs across India and access to our dedicated fleet, you experience efficient handling and on-timer performance in a reliable environment.

Our MUFs are supported by a dedicated WMS and TMS providing you complete transparency and control of your inventory storage and movement at reasonable costs.

Enhanced Flexibility

You can increase/decrease the space in our pay per use warehouses, based on the seasonal and ad-hoc demand fluctuation.

Our Flagship
Our Flagship MUF Serves Markets in North India

A state-of-the-art MUF warehouse in Rudrapur, slated for early 2024. Spread over 3,40,000 square feet, the warehouse will be our second Multiuser facility and the largest in Rudrapur taking our total footprint to 17,07,281 sq. ft. in India.

Rainwater Harvesting

The facility has a rainwater harvesting system to ensure sustained water conservation.

Turbo Fans

Turbo fan installations within the facility reduce the internal warehouse temperature by 2-3 degrees.

Solar Panels

We have installed solar panels in the facility to ensure your logistics carbon footprint is kept to the minimum.

5-10% Transparent Roofing

The roof of the facility is partially transparent, which saves power during the day and reduces the dependence on artificial light.

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