Audit Executive

Group Company: Varuna Integrated Logistics Pvt. Ltd

Designation: Audit-Executive (VL0963), Internal Audit-Executive (VL0034)

Office Location: Corporate Office Gurgaon (Corporate Office), Dharuhera Fleet Dharuhera (Fleet Office)

Years of experience: 2 to 5

Salary Range: 3 to 4 (Annual)

Position description:

  •          Thecandidate would be responsible  for  internal audit -  Corporate payments, CBS auditing, and ProcessAudit
  •           Responsiblefor routine audit to ensure compliance with Company’s Policies, internalcontrol, procedure and applicable laws and regulations
  •           Performspecial review and audit on as if required for Branches
  •           Prepareaudit reports on each audit assignment, MIS and make recommendations forcorrective action and conduct follow up.
  •           Ableto deliver value-added audit recommendations for process improvement and ensurecompletion of assignments in conformance with planned budget and schedules.
  •           Ensurethe adequacy and effectiveness of Internal Audit System of the Company. 
  •         Auditthe process for selecting the suppliers, contractors, and consultants for awide variety of goods, works and services that includes analysis & MarketIntel.
  •           Specialproject – Fleet purchase cost analysis
  •        Vendor invoices Audit of group procurement (Procurement & Infra, Admin)
  •             Warehouse/Branch/Vendors Visit
  •         CBS Audit

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Internal Audit

Additional Responsibilities:

Reporting Team

  • Reporting Designation:
  • Reporting Department:

Educational qualifications preferred

  • Category: Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree
  • Field specialization: Accounting
  • Degree: Bachelor of Commerce - BCom, Master of Commerce - MCom
  • Academic score: 50 %
  • Institution tier:

Required Certification/s:

Candidatesmust be CA Inter or MBA in Finance

Required Training/s:

Required work experience

  • Industry:
  • Role:
  • Years of experience: to

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Audit of CBS For VIL"**(No. of CBS audited in 4 days/No. of CBS received)*100 **(No. of pending CBS > 6 days *-5)" For Warehousing "**(No. of CBS audited in 8 days/No. of CBS received)*100 **(No. of pending CBS > 10 days *-5)"
  • Monthly Cash Closing Balance -10 in case report not submitted as per defined timeline
  • MIS/Report/Salary Audit/ Misc. -10 for each in case audit not completed as per timeline
  • Negative Marking for faulty audits -10 per faulty audit

Required Competencies:

  • Audit
  • Accounting

Required Knowledge:

  • Must have goodunderstanding of accounting procedures
  • Knowledge of Internal Auditing

Required Skills:

Analytical Skills, Advisory, Report writing, Presentation and Communication skills, and problemsolving and Effective project and Time management abilities

Required abilities

  • Physical:
  • Other:

Work Environment Details:

Specific requirements

  • Travel:
  • Vehicle:
  • Work Permit:

Other details

  • Pay Rate:
  • Contract Types:
  • Time Constraints:
  • Compliance Related:
  • Union Affiliation: