Team Leader Legal

Job Title

Manager - Legal

Position reports to

MD Office

Job Location


Role & responsibilities

Position description:


·               Legal contracts, drafting, property law

·               Drafting and vetting of Agreements,

·               Contract review,  Knowledge of Companies Act

·               Contract Act, Negotiable Instruments Act

·               Carriage of Goods Act, Motor Vehicles Act

·               Bank Guarantees, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Act

·               Indemnity Bonds. Client negotiations

·               Providing strong legal support to business teams and advising them with queries in

·               reference to interpretation of contracts          

·               Contract Negotiation


Primary Responsibilities


·         Providing proactive legal assistance and advice to various inter-departments on legal issues like commercial contracts, collaboration agreement.

·         Ensuring that the legal documents and other contractual documents are effectively drafted, reviewed, interpreted and vetted.

·         Drafting and reviewing of various types of contracts such as transportation agreements, warehouse agreements, 3PL agreements, IT agreement’s, employment agreements, lease agreements, sale purchase agreements, vendor agreements, NDAs etc.

·         Understanding the commercial & legal implications of contract clauses, Risk and obligation assessment of contracts and identification of risk mitigation strategies.

·         Analyzing the applicability of any law to a situation in hand and understanding the implications of inclusion or otherwise of any clauses in the Agreement


Additional Responsibilities:

·         Monthly Reports


·         4 to 7 years

Qualification & Experience

·         Qualified Law Professionals

·        Knowledge of Contract Act, Company Law, Employment Laws and Property laws.

About Varuna Group

Varuna Group, incorporated in year 1996, the organization is driven by a team of skilled professionals, a wide office network spread across 27 states and union territories, best-in-class technology, and a key management team – which together holds 150+ years of experience. We primarily operate with a large owned fleet of containerized dry-bed trucks and manage over a million square feet of warehousing space.



Varuna Group envisions to be India’s leading operator of shared logistics network by 2025.



Varuna Group partners with supply chain leaders in managing their end-to-end logistics operations with the aim of reducing the effective landed cost of products.