Executive - Quality Control

Group Company: Varuna Integrated Logistics Pvt. Ltd

Designation: Executive - Quality Control

Office Location: Dharuhera Fleet Dharuhera (Fleet Office), Kolkata Fleet Kolkata (Fleet Office)

Years of experience: 1 to 3

Salary Range: INR 2 to 4 (Annual)

Position description:

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Need to ensure Quality Control are in place in Warehouse
  •  Need to ensure QMS is implemented
  • Need to ensure the incoming and outgoing Quality of the product at warehouse
  • Need to ensure all the MIS related to Quality and QMS are maintained
  • Need to ensure Safety practices are followed at the site and regular audit onthe same is getting carried out at the warehouse

Technical Skills 

  • Time Management Skills

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Quality Control, QMS implementation, MIS for QMS, Quality Audit at warehouse

Additional Responsibilities:

Reporting Team

  • Reporting Designation:
  • Reporting Department:

Educational qualifications preferred

  • Category: Bachelor's Degree
  • Field specialization:
  • Degree:
  • Academic score:
  • Institution tier:

Required Certification/s:

Required Training/s:

Required work experience

  • Industry:
  • Role:
  • Years of experience: to

Key Performance Indicators:

Required Competencies:

Required Knowledge:

Required Skills:

MIS, Excel

Knowledge of Quality Management System

Quality Audit

Required abilities

  • Physical:
  • Other:

Work Environment Details:

Specific requirements

  • Travel:
  • Vehicle:
  • Work Permit:

Other details

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  • Compliance Related:
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