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Think of Logistics and Warehousing companies in India, and Varuna Group is one of the names that come to mind. In a journey spanning over two decades, Varuna has earned the reputation of an Indian company with world-class logistics services.


At Varuna, we believe in developing and nurturing business relationships that last long for mutual benefit. To ensure that, we constantly evolve ourselves to offer a service that meets or exceeds our customers' expectations.


If you are looking to decrease your turnaround time, landing cost, or delivery time, get in touch with us. Our proven processes and state-of-the-art technology are designed to streamline your operations in a way that perfectly suit your business requirements. You get more time to focus on your core business and experience world-class logistics and warehousing services.

Our Services:

Logistics Services

At Varuna Group, your business interest is our top priority. That's why we have invested in developing a robust infrastructure and a passionate back-end logistics team. We use the latest and the best automation and digital technology, data analytics and mobility to offer you a seamless service experience. It is this preparedness of ours that allows us to handle logistics requirements of any nature or stature.

Primary Transportation Services in Kochi

Primary Transportation Services

While offering primary transportation services, we take care of both inbound and outbound products or materials from suppliers to plants, warehouses or any other destination. The material could include raw materials, unfinished inventory or spare parts.

Secondary Transportation Services in Kochi

Secondary Transportation Services

We pick up finished products from the central warehouse and transport them to regional warehouses located in other parts of the country. While providing this service, we make it a point to follow the agreed delivery timelines.

Expedited Transportation Services in Kochi

Expedited Transportation Services

We are well-equipped to handle express delivery, same-day delivery, Full Truck Load (FTL), all –India delivery. Our capabilities allow us to deliver even beyond international borders. If you require logistics services across Kochi, do get in touch with us.

Project Cargo Services Kochi

Project Cargo Services

We use our expert cargo team to deliver cargo of any dimension, shape, or size to any location across Kochi. Countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh to deliver cargo safely and timely.



Going beyond logistics, Varuna Group is known for consistent, reliable, and efficient warehousing services. Our warehouse at Kochi and all other locations utilise the latest software and technology to streamline all processes. The automation tools like WMS and bots help us offer better services to our customers at a reduced cost. AI and IoT make the entire process seamless, quick, and free from human errors.

Consolidation Warehousing

Consolidation Warehousing Kochi

For companies having multiple production units located at different places within a geographical region, it's very critical to collate those separate units in one place before we can send them further to dealers, distributors and customers. Consolidation warehousing helps companies in this process. This technique allows companies to decide the vehicle best suited for that product and delivery location. This enables companies to reduce their product landing costs.



In-Plant Warehousing

For companies looking for regular production and cost control, it's critical to get an uninterrupted supply of raw material, just in time to control the inventory carrying costs. One way to achieve these twin objectives is In-house warehousing. Companies opting for this technique hire a third party to manage a warehouse within their premises as per the inventory levels required by the customer.

In-Plant Warehousing Kochi

In-Plant warehousing refers to the various activities and processes related to managing a warehouse near the manufacturing capacity. This warehouse is maintained by a third party, aiming to minimize the inventory carrying cost and ensures a smooth production. The third party manages the stock per their production plan.

Distribution Warehousing

Distribution Warehousing Kochi

For companies having production at one location and customers at multiple locations, it's critical to ensure their goods' availability in all areas. One technique that helps them in this objective is Distribution warehousing. This technique allows companies to distribute finished goods from the central warehouse to various regional warehouses located at multiple locations.

Value Added Services

The changing business landscape has necessitated a change in logistics and warehousing services. At Varuna, our operational and service strengths help us provide our customers with a host of value-added services that include:

Labelling      |      Kitting/Dekitting      |      Returns handling      |      Quality checks      |      Refurbishing

Varuna Integrated Logistics Kochi team

Key Features of Varuna Logistics

At Varuna, we have something in common – a passion for innovation. This passion has made us one of the leading players in the logistics industry in Kochi and India. In our journey of almost a quarter of a century, we have prided ourselves on our unending passion for constantly upgrading our services to fulfil our customers' logistics and warehousing requirements.

Varuna Integrated Logistics dedicated workforce, Kochi

Dedicated & trained workforce:At Varuna, dedication to customer needs and regular training are two corporate values that have made us stand out from Competition. Keeping up with these values, we continuously organise training to upgrade our workforce and make them sensitive to the changing needs of our customers.

Skilled in the handling of special products: Varuna Group is an expert in handling cargo of every product type, independent of its size, shape, and volume. So, if you have a fragile item or heavy machinery within India or nearby countries, rely on Varuna to ensure safe storage and delivery.

Automation enabled: At Varuna, we believe that technology and automation can be great enablers for making the entire logistics and warehousing process streamlined and cost-effective. That's why we have invested in the latest technologies and automation tools to offer maximum efficiency to our clients.

Flexible warehousing system: Looking for a warehousing solution in Kochi? Look no further. Varuna Group offers warehousing services that are a class apart. And what's more, the benefits are flexible and can be varied as per your changing needs, just on a phone call. And while your warehousing needs may change, there is no change in our service quality.


Ans. Varuna group works on long term agreements with our clients. We usually work on pre-determined agreed SLAs. These SLAs are evaluated every month and the reports are shared with our clients. The management team specifically addresses any deviations in the SLA.

Ans. Varuna Group offers logistics services through roadways, including primary transportation, secondary transportation, expedited transportation, project cargo, multi-user warehousing and many additional services related to logistics.

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Identifying and Overcoming Supply Chain Disruptions

The Indian logistics industry contributes more than ?15 lakh crores to the economy and employs more than 40 million people. Yet, it is not immune to supply chain disruptions. While some disturbances can be predicted and prevented, others cannot.

Indian Logistics During Covid-19 Pandemic - The Journey from Resilience to Rebound

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the effects of Covid-19 would drastically change the way we strategize, execute and grow our businesses. The economical, social and political impact of the pandemic will be felt wide and deep. The imminent changes in consumer behaviour will lead to changes in the way the world around us functions. A lot of companies will actively realign their supply chain network and drive lean operations based on the principles of transparency, predictability and agility across the globe.

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