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Logistics & Warehousing Services by Varuna Group in Hyderabad

Varuna Group is one of the top 3pl logistics services providers in Hyderabad and have established a reputation as a provider of world-class logistics services. Being in the industry for over two decades, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the logistics landscape in Hyderabad.

Our broad range of logistics services includes supply chain management, warehousing, and transportation in Hyderabad. Over 2000 vehicles make up our fleet, including trucks, trailers, and containers made expressly for moving cargo through the country. We guarantee that items are delivered on time and in ideal shape due to our specialised transportation services, which include expedited transportation, oversized and heavy-lift cargo.

Varuna operates a network of strategically located warehouses in the region. Additionally, we provide value-added services like kitting, bundling, returns handling etc. Our warehouses follow the 5S methodology and are in accordance with CLU and governmental standards. We have put TQM into practice with centralised monitoring and regular audits.

To increase the number of "Accident-free days," we seek to provide a safe and comfortable work environment. All of our facilities have 24/7 security monitoring in every area. Modern Material Handling Equipment (MHE), coding devices, racking systems, and a plethora of other best-in-class amenities are all present in our warehouses.

Varuna's team is well-equipped to provide customised warehousing and logistics solutions that facilitate operations and provide clients with a seamless experience with the leading logistics company in Hyderabad.

Varuna's Logistics & Warehouse Services in Hyderabad

Logistics services in Hyderabad

At Varuna, improving our customer's business efficiency is our top priority. And to help us do that, we support our back-end logistics team with the best and the latest automation techniques and digital technology, data analytics, and mobility. Irrespective of your logistics requirements, we can handle it, thus allowing you more time to focus on what you do the best.

Primary Transportation Services in Hyderabad

Primary Transportation Services

The process of inbound and outbound movement of any product or materials from suppliers to plants, warehouses, or any destination is known as the primary transportation service. The product in question could be raw materials, unfinished inventory, or spare parts.

Secondary Transportation Services in Hyderabad

Secondary Transportation Services

The activities and processes involved in picking up finished products from a central warehouse and transporting them to regional warehouses are a part of secondary transportation services. While managing this, it is critical to adhere to the given delivery timelines.

Expedited Transportation Services in Hyderabad

Expedited Transportation Services

Need to deliver products urgently for any logistics solutions across Hyderabad, get in touch with us. We have the required capabilities to meet all your needs with express delivery, same-day delivery, Full Truck Load (FTL), all –India delivery and deliveries beyond international borders

Project Cargo Services in Hyderabad

Project Cargo Services

Have an odd-sized cargo to send and worried about how to send it. At Varuna, we have a cargo team to handle a load of any dimension or shape. Whether your delivery destination is within Hyderabad, across India, or even nearby countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh, we can deliver it safely and within time.


Warehousing services in Hyderabad

Varuna Group has always been known for providing consistent, reliable, and efficient warehousing services. All our warehouses including the one at Hyderabad, use the latest technology and automation tools to reduce time and cost for our customers. The use of WMS and bots has helped us achieve this objective. Technology has made the entire process seamless, quick and free from human errors.

Consolidation Warehousing in Hyderabad

Consolidation Warehousing in Hyderabad

Consolidation warehousing is a service where products from different manufacturing plants of the same customer, located within a given geographical area, are combined or collated into a central warehouse. Consolidation Warehousing helps customers reduce their transportation costs by using the right-sized vehicle. This cost reduction eventually results in increasing their profits.



In-Plant Warehousing in Hyderabad

Are you looking for an uninterrupted raw material supply without having to worry about inventory carrying costs? The solution is In-Plant Warehousing. This involves hiring a third party to manage a warehouse within your premises. The outsourced partner maintains the inventory as per your production requirements and ensures production without any breakdown.

In-Plant Warehousing Hyderabad

Are you looking for an uninterrupted raw material supply without having to worry about inventory carrying costs? The solution is In-Plant Warehousing. This involves hiring a third party to manage a warehouse within your premises. The outsourced partner maintains the inventory as per your production requirements and ensures production without any breakdown.

Distribution Warehousing in Hyderabad

Distribution Warehousing Hyderabad

Distribution warehousing is specifically designed to distribute finished products from the central warehouse to company distributors, dealers, or even end customers. This involves distributing products in vehicles that are fit to meet the unique requirements of the shipped product. Many times smaller vehicles are used to achieve cost efficiency.

Value Added Services

In the changing times, just offering warehousing and transportation services have become a hygiene factor. At Varuna, we believe in our operational and service strengths to provide our customers with a host of value-added services such as:

Labelling      |      Kitting/Dekitting      |      Returns handling      |      Quality checks      |      Refurbishing

Varuna Integrated Logistics Hyderabad team

Key Features of Varuna Logistics

Our passion for innovation has made us rank one among the leading logistics companies in Hyderabad and India. In our journey of 25 years, we have constantly upgraded our processes to offer our clients the best services in logistics and warehousing.

Varuna Integrated Logistics Dedicated Workforce Hyderabad

Dedicated & trained workforce: At Varuna, dedication and training are the core components of company culture. We continuously strive to upgrade our crew and develop them to serve our customers to the best of their potential. This passion helps us to experience excellence in logistics and warehousing operations.

Skilled in the handling of special products: Across Hyderabad, Varuna Group is an expert in handling cargo of every shape, size, and volume of the product. Whether it is transporting a fragile item or heavy machinery, we ensure safe storage and delivery.

Automation enabled: We believe in utilising the latest digital technology and state-of-the-art automation tools to make our process smooth and cost-effective whilst using robust quality management systems to offer maximum efficiency to our clients.

Flexible warehousing system: When it comes to offering warehousing in Hyderabad, Varuna Group provides convenience to the customers to access warehouse services as per their needs. While your warehousing needs may change, there is no change in our service quality


Ans.Varuna group works on long term agreements with our clients. We usually work on pre-determined SLAs. These SLAs are evaluated every month and the reports are shared with our clients. The management team specifically addresses any deviations in the SLA.

Ans. Varuna Group offers logistics services through roadways, including primary transportation, secondary transportation, expedited transportation, project cargo, multi-user warehousing and many additional services related to logistics.

Ans. Varuna Group is renowned as the best logistics company in Hyderabad for its reliability, efficiency, and customer-centric services.

Ans. Varuna Group provides complete logistics services in Hyderabad, including end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Ans. Logistics solutions optimize supply chain efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction by streamlining processes. Effective logistics in Hyderabad can significantly improve operational performance.

Ans. Implementing route optimization, inventory management, efficient warehouse layouts, and leveraging technology can lead to significant cost savings. These practices are essential for warehousing in Hyderabad.

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