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With more than twenty-five years of experience in the Logistics and Warehousing Industry, Varuna Integrated Logistics is one of the most respected logistics company in Delhi.


Varuna Group was established in 1996; our goal since then has been to consistently offer reliable and effective supply chain solutions that help build long and healthy relationships with our customers. Over the past two decades, Varuna Group has established deep operational expertise that addresses and solves the challenges faced by customers.


Our advanced operational systems set in place, help tackle concerns such as long transit times, lack of real-time vehicle tracking data, high incidence of en-route damages and rampant mismanagements in goods handling.


As proud owners and operators of the country’s largest dry cargo container fleet, consisting of 2000+ vehicles, reinforced by a robust digital infrastructure and a team of highly skilled professionals, today we have 1500+ skilled experts in 85+ locations across India, working tirelessly to meet all your logistics requirements. Our objective has always been to provide our clients with a logistics management experience they can trust safely and securely.


In addition to our technology and infrastructure prowess, Varuna Group logistics experts are backed with immense industry knowledge. We believe in offering effective and timely resolutions to your logistics concerns, leading to better inventory integrity and supply chain savings.


Our goal to fulfill your logistic needs is based on the principles of customer-centricity, through transparency and operational excellence. We partner with some of the leading corporate houses in the country in handling their end-to-end logistics processes in Delhi NCR


We endeavor to look for constant improvement in all that we do to provide highest level of customer satisfaction. Reach out to us today and experience the best services that any logistics company in Delhi NCR to smooth your transportation and warehousing needs.

Services We Offer:

Logistics Services

Here at Varuna Group, we base our logistics management solutions on data-driven information gleaned from the use of technology. Whether you are a small business or a medium-sized enterprise, you can benefit from outsourcing your logistics movement to us.

With twenty-five years of association with the logistics and warehousing Industry, Varuna Integrated Logistics is viewed as one of the most trusted logistics firms in Delhi. Our vision is to offer pragmatic and creative solutions to all your logistics needs.


Over the years, Varuna Group has gathered immense operational abilities while tending to key challenges that are found in the Indian logistics industry. To tackle the same, we have set in place an operational system that enables us to solve these obstacles and meet your expectations.


Our teams of skilled professionals, who have a deep understanding of the industry, are there to assist and resolve any issue that may crop up. We mitigate delays and ensure timely delivery of your logistics demands in Delhi. It has always been our goal to deliver our customers with a logistics management experience they can depend upon.

Primary Transportation Services in Delhi

Primary Transportation Services

Our primary transportation services help manufacturers ship their finished products directly to warehouses across the country. It also includes shipping raw or input materials to factory warehouses anywhere in the country.

Secondary Transportation Services in Delhi

Secondary Transportation Services

Our secondary transportation services incorporate the transportation of items from warehouses and distribution centers to geographically distributed warehouse centers. The delivery is completed within a predetermined period.

Expedited Transportation Services in Delhi

Expedited Transportation Services

Being a leading logistics organization in Delhi, you can count on us and our services such as - direct owned fleets national delivery, same-day transportation and JIT shipments.
Trust us to help you achieve JIT deliveries with the assistance of our committed fleet, skillful drivers and centralized control tower.

Project Cargo Services in Delhi

Project Cargo Services

Our project cargo team has the specialization to deal with the transportation of freight that is oversized, large or heavy-weight, usually associated with various industries and/or complex and large machinery parts.
Leverage our carefully crafted infrastructure framework and experienced team for taking care of and transporting your large, complex and heavy lift cargo for projects, anywhere in India.


Warehousing Services

Varuna Group is one of the top choices when it comes to fulfilling warehousing needs in Delhi. Our warehousing operations and inventory movement are driven by technology , which aids in saving time thereby eliminating and mitigating errors that can occur out of manual processes.


Varuna Group manages and maintains several warehousing facilities that are advantageously located across India. We have recently been awarded as the Best Warehouse in 2021 for our facility at Shambhu Naka, Punjab.


Our skilled team makes use of the dedicated Warehouse Management System (WMS) & Transport Management System (TMS) that provides real-time data figures that enables us to re-model our inventory management thus driving efficiency in inventory management for our customers.

Best Warehouse in 2021 Delhi

Best Warehouse in 2021

Shambhu Naka, Punjab

Consolidation Warehousing

Consolidation Warehousing Service in Delhi

In this type of warehousing service, we arrange small shipments from multiple suppliers within a similar geographical region and consolidate the few shipments into one full container.



In-Plant Warehousing

Varuna Group’s in-plant warehousing services help in overcoming any barriers between suppliers and manufacturing units. Our in-plant warehousing services go about as an extension between your suppliers and your manufacturing units.

In-Plant Warehousing Services in Delhi
In-Plant Warehousing Services in Delhi

Varuna Group’s in-plant warehousing services help in overcoming any barriers between suppliers and manufacturing units. Our in-plant warehousing services go about as an extension between your suppliers and your manufacturing units.

Distribution Warehousing

Varuna Integrated Logistics, Delhi

Leverage our abilities in creating and overseeing distribution centers in a dedicated/shared services model focused on driving 100% order satisfaction. We use effective resource management and automation methods that ensure consistent planning and execution and real time inventory monitoring and tracking.

Value Added Services

With operational and service excellence as our cornerstones, we offer a bouquet of services that complement our warehousing and transportation capabilities. These include:

Labelling      |      Reverse logistics      |      Kitting/Dekitting      |      Returns handling     |      Quality checks     |      Refurbishing

Improving efficiencies by expanding capabilities

Key Features of Varuna Logistics

With 25 years of distinction and innovation, we have acquired a reputation of being among the top logistics companies in Delhi. Our goal to fulfill your logistic needs is based on the following principles- customer-orientation, operational excellence, and transparency. Varuna partners with some of the top industry leaders in handling their end-to-end logistics processes in Delhi. Our team consists of 1500+ specialists in 85+ locations across India, all centered on accelerating and improving the experience of our customers through innovative operational effectiveness and assistance.

Varuna Integrated Logistics, Delhi

Dedicated & trained workforce: Our workforce team goes through regular operational training. Their eye for detail and vast industry knowledge helps keep up smooth logistics and warehousing operations.

Skilled in the handling of special products: We are known for dealing with logistics in Delhi in regards to several products, whether it's FMCG or Pharma products, our team realizes how to store and transport them securely.

Automation enabled: Our operations and management of our logistics and warehousing business is powered by custom built WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) and TMS (Transport Management Systems) that provide streamlined processes to obtain maximum efficiency.

Flexible warehousing system: At Varuna Group, we also provide our customers with flexible warehousing solutions where the storage needs can be increased or decreased periodically depending on seasonal demands. This allows our customers to optimally plan their warehousing space needs based on market demands and thereby reduce their warehousing costs.



Ans. Our customers receive an MIS of all in-transit vehicles with current location and estimated delivery time every day. Apart from this, customers can also login to our customer portal and check the live status of their consignment.

Ans. Our loading staff is well trained for the kind of goods they manage and there are hardly any chances of any damages. Even if there are damages, the dedicated damages team does an in-depth study and the issues are resolved at the earliest with a definite outcome.

Ans. Varuna offers the following warehousing and logistics services in Delhi:

  • Primary Transportation Services
  • Secondary Transportation Services
  • Expedited Transportation Services
  • Project Cargo services
  • Warehousing
  • Consolidation Warehousing
  • In-Plant Warehousing Distribution Warehousing

And much more, get in touch with us today!

Ans. Customers receive an MIS of all in-transit vehicles with current location and estimated delivery time every day. Apart from this, customers can also login to our customer portal and check the live status of their consignment.

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Identifying and Overcoming Supply Chain Disruptions

The Indian logistics industry contributes more than ?15 lakh crores to the economy and employs more than 40 million people. Yet, it is not immune to supply chain disruptions. While some disturbances can be predicted and prevented, others cannot.

Indian Logistics During Covid-19 Pandemic - The Journey from Resilience to Rebound

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