“A positive mindset will pave a path for your success.”

Destined to be a part of Varuna.

Hailing from a quaint town in Uttarakhand, Jyoti Negi is a woman with big dreams. Her fascination with numbers since childhood led her to pursue B.Com (Hons.) from University of Delhi. She later went on to clear the Intermediate level of Chartered Accountancy (CA). Prior to joining Varuna, Jyoti worked for 4+ years in different CA firms. And finally in 2013 she secured a promising career opportunity with Varuna

“For me, there is no end to learning, and Varuna has always given me the avenue I needed."

Jyoti started her career in Varuna as a Senior Executive in the Finance Department, working on MIS and ledger scrutiny. “I love numbers and wanted to make a career in a similar field. And thanks to Varuna, I got a profile where I’m able to live my dream. I also love to learn, enhance my skill set, and being with Varuna has helped me explore different roles and aspects of a Finance team.” 

During her first year in Varuna, due to the transfer of her senior, Jyoti was given the responsibility of closing the financials for the organisation. “It was the first time I was solely responsible for such a crucial job. I put in all my effort ensuring that everything I did was accurate. My seniors were highly impressed and appreciated my performance.”, Jyoti proudly recollects.

To concentrate on her preparation for CA finals Jyoti took a sabbatical and joined back after a year in 2015. “I was brought on board by Varuna to work on an independent project for Customer Outstandings. And while working on that project I rejoined Varuna as a full-time employee.”, recollects Jyoti.  

"Seize every opportunity to grow within the organisation."

Before Varuna, Jyoti was unfamiliar with the workings of the logistics industry. But after becoming a part of the organisation she understood the nuances of the industry. “Upon joining Varuna I realised the importance of the logistics industry in the lives of people.” Today, she is working as the Deputy Manager in the Finance Department overseeing the finances required for day-to-day operations of Varuna’s fleet. Jyoti credits her success to her seniors who acknowledged her interest in finance, helping her take on new and challenging responsibilities. Jyoti mentions that one of the most important projects that she worked on was when the Company Act was revised in 2013 and the depreciation on assets had to be calculated according to the new law. She worked relentlessly on the project and was lauded by her seniors for the same.

“ With a positive attitude every new challenge looks like an opportunity.”

And it is not just the people Jyoti vouches for, it is also the processes and the functioning of the organisation that makes life easy for all employees. “Varuna has well-defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for every single department, streamlining the operations. This enables us employees to function efficiently.” 

"A familial environment motivating employee loyalty. "

Emphasising on the importance of willingness to learn she mentions, “There’s no end to learning new things, and Varuna gives you the platform where you can take up different responsibilities to understand where you fit in best. It is also the positive environment within the organisation that is motivating. All employees work together and are supportive of each other.” Praising the people working at Varuna, Jyoti mentions, “Varuna has always felt like home, and especially for women it is a safe workplace. They are given equal opportunities to showcase their capabilities, at the same time the leadership understands that women play various roles in their professional and personal lives and are mindful of it.”

“At Varuna, you feel at ease and that organically inculcates the feeling of loyalty towards the organisation.”

Jyoti recounts the time when she went on maternity leave and the support she got from her seniors. “Everybody was extremely understanding during both my pregnancies. During the closing of the books I was unwell, before going for my maternity leave and my seniors asked me to take leave and join whenever I felt I was ready to work.” This support that she received from the leadership overwhelmed her and she showed her dedication towards the organisation by rejoining work as soon as she felt she was ready. Jyoti mentions that with everyone being so understanding she has been able to enjoy motherhood while being committed to her work. Jyoti remarks, “I believe in always being positive and spreading positivity within the team. And it is this optimistic attitude that will enable people to grow in their personal and professional lives.”  

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