“I value the freedom my organisation has bestowed on me and make it a point to use it mindfully. I am driven to hone the very manner in which the team operates”.

Manish Kumar hails from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh where he earned his bachelors’ degree and a postgraduate diploma in Finance Management. Post his course completion, a leading courier company recognised this budding talent and recruited him immediately. 

“Whenever I come across a gap in the system, I examine it from all angles. A detailed understanding helps me bridge the gap effectively.”

After his first stint, he worked with a leading cargo company in India as an Accounts Official. Eventually, his prior education and background helped him secure the role of an Assistant Manager at Varuna Group. His keenness to learn, ability to handle hurdles with finesse, and his adaptable & cooperative nature got him promoted to his current position of Senior Manager in a short time.

Sudhir Kumar
A disciplined, detail-oriented mind, focused on building solutions 

Manish is a highly adaptive manager, a supportive co-worker and a true collaborator. He confidently holds himself accountable for any downfalls Varuna faces. Ambitious and articulate, he possesses the quality of seeing everything in a positive light. His integrity and diligence drive him to do the right thing even when no one is watching, and he expects the same from everyone around him.

“It is important to be flexible and adapt to market fluctuations. I believe Varuna has been doing that proficiently.”

Manish’s roles and responsibilities mainly revolve around ensuring compliance with established internal control procedures by examining records, reports, operating practices, and documentation and verifying assets & liabilities. He is majorly involved in identifying discrepancies and issues within audits, enforcing adherence to requirements and advising the key people on the most efficient course of action. “We are currently sitting in our corporate headquarters, which allows us to plan our site visits, understand groundwork and ideate ways to prevent revenue and resource loss”, he adds. 

Continuous improvement through continuous learning

Manish is glad that Varuna provides a healthy workspace and gives space for independent ideas and thinking. It respects everyone’s ideas, gives way for critical thinking and promotes a learning culture, which helps each employee grow. He gives utmost importance to building and maintaining trust among colleagues and customers alike. “We believe in our individual strengths and thus we believe in first mining and analysing our individual hurdles. When one truly needs another hand, that's when we intervene and brainstorm”, he comments. He also believes in continuous upskilling and follows his passion to foster new skills. To enhance his understand and knowledge of the subject and industry, he did a certificate course in Supply Chain Analytics from IIT Roorkee while working at Varuna.

“Varuna, as an organisation, is solution-oriented, quick and inventive. This has enabled us to sail smoothly through major hiccups.”

Manish is grateful towards Varuna for standing beside him in his ups and downs. He recalls a difficult time in his life and says “I was quite stressed when my wife was facing health issues. I can never thank Varuna enough for giving me the kind of support I needed”, he adds. He developed and secured some truly strong bonds with his team members and superiors during the time. Manish has two daughters and is a thoughtful, responsible and true family man. Today, he is he is more driven than ever to explore new facets of both his personal and professional life.

Sudhir Kumar

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