“When you work with passion, you witness positive results.”

Passion means going above and beyond

Mrutyunjaya Nayak is a man who carefully considers his options and takes the path where his heart lies. A passionate man at work, he has worked his way up from an executive position to  being the Site in-Charge at the Varuna Warehouse in Hyderabad.

“I believe that any job allotted to me will be completed, come rain or sun.”

Mrutyunjaya is someone who stands his ground even in the face of adversity. He recalls that during the pandemic, logistics was one sector that was working hard to keep the nation running. It was during this time that the morale of warehouse workers under him was low. “I took the responsibility of keeping the warehouse running smoothly, and encouraged my team to keep working.” He smoothly and single handedly took care of difficult situations during the pandemic and handled tough labour unions. He went out of his way to keep his team motivated, and was always present to support them mentally and emotionally. For him, personally, the motivating factor is to give his best to Varuna. And he does that by delivering more than he promises.

Experiences are the pathway to growth

Right from the very beginning, Mrutyunjaya worked passionately on all that came his way, achieving success in every stint. Hailing from Odisha, he graduated with a degree in Arts from Utkal University. After completing his graduation, he started working with a Government university on a contractual basis before moving on to bigger and better roles.

Mrutyunjaya became a part of the Varuna family in 2013. He embarked on his career with an executive level position, working at one of the organisation’s warehouses. He recalls it to be a challenging yet rewarding period. Over the course of time, he enhanced his skills of communication and aptitude for being an effective leader under the guidance of his seniors. His growth was recognised by the leadership and he was promoted to a managerial position. Today, he is the Site In-charge at the Varuna Warehouse, Hyderabad and leads the day-to-day operations on site.

“I view every challenge as a great learning opportunity.”

Mrutyunjaya believes that starting from the grassroots has given him an understanding in every facet and functioning of a warehouse which otherwise would have been delayed & hard to achieve. For instance, his very first project in Odisha, where he helped set up a warehouse, played a pivotal role in helping him grasp the intimate working of a warehouse in a short span. “I helped grow a 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse to a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse. During this time my senior presented me with every opportunity to learn, and I didn’t let it go futile”, he adds.

During his 8 year stint at Varuna, Mrutyunjaya has had a vast array of experiences. From handling labour unions to braving harsh weather conditions to responding to emergencies in the warehouse, he has seen it all. During a cyclone in Odisha, Mrutyunjaya had to personally go to a warehouse holding perishables to turn on its generator. He acted swiftly and wisely during the emergency and successfully accomplished his task while taking all the necessary precautions, along with the help of his teammates. He says, “My experiences at Varuna have helped me become a well-rounded Manager.”

Your team is your backbone

Mrutyunjay’s leadership style has been moulded by his seniors at Varuna. They’ve always shown faith in him and have guided him throughout his journey. This has made him a supportive and encouraging manager.

Always leading by example, Mrutyunjaya has adopted a working style in which he doesn’t only lead and coach his team but also works equally hard with them. “I want to lead my team from the front. I don’t want them to feel that they’ve been left to do all the work.” This attitude has garnered him the unconditional support of his team, even in the most unfavourable circumstances.

Apart from the positive environment within the company, Mrutyunjaya believes that Varuna is one of the most forward-thinking supply chain management companies in India. “Varuna adopts the latest technology swiftly unlike other logistics companies.” He deduces that the reason Varuna implements new technologies and policies at such a rapid pace in the workplace, is for the welfare of its people.

“I try to shield my teammates from any pressure to keep them motivated while doing their job.”

Exuding an optimistic attitude, Mrutjyunjaya always aims to keep the environment within the warehouse calm. He motivates his team by reminding them that they are a strong, well-knit team and one has to work hard to make this team successful. “For me working with Varuna is like being at peace, and that’s what I tell my team”, remarks Mrutyunjaya.

He shares that if anyone wants to create a bright future in the field of logistics then Varuna is the right choice. From the supportive leadership to the family-like team members, one is sure to witness success with such a strong backing. “All one has to do to succeed is keep working hard.”

Talking about his future, Mrutyunjaya aims to hold a senior position at Varuna. “I’m going to be a part of the Varuna family till the day I retire, and that is my promise.”

Wish to experience what unlimited growth facilitated by an exceptional team & great leadership feels like?