“I’ve forayed into different roles but my heart lies in IT. I’m constantly thinking about how I can automate tasks and improve the efficiency of operations.”

A goal-oriented individual with a forward-thinking mindset, Parmeshwar Singh joined Varuna Group in 2008 as a software developer. Since then, he has been advancing at the speed of ‘Information Technology’, his domain of expertise, and is the General Manager of Operations today. Born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh, Parmeshwar recounts the first leg of his professional journey with a smile, “I was just 18 when I started working. 

“I was young, passionate & ready to learn more. I made an effort to go beyond computing systems and acquire several more skills."

Focused, driven and with his eyes set on the future from a young age, Parmeshwar saw the immense potential in IT. Wasting no time at all, he decided to enrol himself in a computer course in Delhi with a vision to cater to the automated future. His rigour landed him with many opportunities in the IT departments at roadways and real estate, respectively. As a systems officer in the real estate firm, Parmeshwar helped with project analysis and field visits. Meanwhile, his part-time stint at Varuna Group soon found him stirring through bigger growth opportunities.

"The shift from computers to financials."

In 2008, Parmeshwar finally accelerated his growth by entering Varuna Group as a software developer. Within a year, his performance landed him managerial responsibilities that included dealing with billing, POD, payments collection and bill submission. 8 years in the financial space earned him experience and credibility outside IT. Parmeshwar adds, “I felt that the organisation was in dire need of streamlining its service and delivery experience at several stages. This pushed me to get behind the screen, identify & eliminate loopholes and automate complex tasks to reduce the error margin.

“Varuna’s work culture has helped me scale and work outside my area of expertise.”

Parmeshwar played a key role in setting up Varuna Group’s GPS system in 2008 - a highly operative tracking system for the company’s fleet which also covered the full range of customer sites and driver residences. In addition to that, he facilitated the set up of Varuna Group’s custom ERP system - the backbone of operations.. The ERP combines different facets of logistics like customer and fleet management, consignment, revenue and indent supply management amongst other things to ensure operational excellence. In addition to these momentous contributions, Parmeshwar has helped reduce the time taken from consignment delivery to bill submission by a whopping 50% in Varuna Group. He has also contributed extensively in setting up real-time document entry, extended e-way bills and managed unpredictable tasks efficiently.” 

"Every hurdle is nothing but a challenge. "

Parmeshwar presently works in the operations department and handles business analysis for multiple projects. He has wandered outside his domain more than a few times. It excites him to take every hurdle as a challenge. He says with a smile, “I prefer working beyond my comfort zone and solving problems as they come”. He confidently claims complete ownership of the task at hand. His performance in his 12-year tenure at Varuna Group reflects this. He says, “I have witnessed transformative changes at Varuna since I joined. A small fraction of that change is that if I had to generate a bill in 2008, I had to type it out in excel, while today automation at each stage has reduced deployment time to its minimum.

“Logistics has taught me how to efficiently tackle new challenges and improve my management skills.”

Parmeshwar aspires to be the zonal or operations head at Varuna Group. In the next 2 years, he wishes to focus completely on automating logistics, with utmost precision and accuracy. Mostly an outdoors person, Parmeshwar exhibits a keen interest in Football and Kabaddi. The recent pandemic has now prodded him to stay well-informed with on-going news and maintain optimum health levels with Yoga. ” 

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