ā€œIā€™m big on honesty & transparency in work relations. Emphasise cultivating them in your team with fervour.ā€

A cheerful & energetic individual, Parminder Singh was born and raised in Ambala, Haryana and finished his undergraduate degree from the same city. His willingness to take on new challenges, ability to learn at a swift pace and prior experience in one of India’s leading FMCG companies earned him his current role as the Senior Warehouse Manager in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand.

“A mind with a blank canvas keeps me unbiased and gives me a strong vantage point.”

In his own words, Parminder has been continually entrusted with new & exciting responsibilities at Varuna Group. His present role requires him to manage critical areas of warehousing like effective workforce management, overseeing inbound & outbound material and facilitating embellishments for one of the company’s largest multinational clients.

Parminder Singh
Endowed nager helps me bring out the best in my team."

As the helmsman of the warehouse, Parminder is efficiently steering a team of 500 employees to successfully meet all SLAs & targets. Early on in the role, he deciphered the client's needs and responded with actions leading to maximum manpower productivity and error-free solutions. The quality checks necessitated by him are resulting in 0.1% damage ratio, 100% inventory accuracy and zero safety issues, till date. Under his lead, Parminder’s team is consistently able to generate a significant savings margin for Varuna as well as the client.

"Varuna's sense of community and constant team feedback give me the zest that every opportunity demands."

Parminder believes in staying honest with his work and inspires his colleagues to foster ethical practices in the entire workforce as well. “It’s really important for me to have honest and open relationships with everyone in my organisation,” he says. He also believes that a mindful approach can solve problems at the grassroot level. He stands by his values and dreams to see his team practice the same. Additionally, as a fairly detail-oriented professional, he always focuses on identifying and following the correct way of doing things to maximise productivity.

"Being a quick learner and a self-motivated manager helps me bring out the best in my team."

Parminder, with his go-getter attitude, doesn't back down when presented with a task he has no prior experience in. He says, "New excites me. It pumps me up. I know I can face any challenge and do whatever it takes to achieve it." It’s this attitude that helped him take on embellishments, a value-added service that he hadn’t worked on ever, and not only manage it successfully but also bring down the total time invested on the task by a record breakthrough of 50%.

"Leading every new project fearlessly"

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Parminder has managed to maintain his team's morale and run the Rudrapur warehouse at an incredible 154% efficiency. When he couldn't drive to work, he took a truck to the warehouse and got things rolling! His team initiated a series of measures for drivers, like timely distribution of ration kits, pandemic-focused safety training workshops and more, making it easier on drivers and providing assistance in Varuna's vehicle transportation.

Parminder enjoys seeing his team work cohesively. He facilitates an environment where everyone can count on each other by collaborating on ideas, setting things in motion and making them happen. He constantly fosters such solutions that can help his team operate with minimum manpower, time & effort. "My accomplishments give me the confidence to envision myself as the head of logistics two years down the line and subsequently, be a much more significant cog in the wheel", he adds. Outside of work, Parminder loves grooving to Punjabi folk music and spending time with family.

Parminder Singh

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