"Varuna’s highly collaborative and integrated culture makes it the best place to nurture fresh talent in data analytics"

Piyush Jain, an agile Business Analyst in Varuna, completed his graduation in Computer Applications at Aligarh Muslim University. He later pursued MBA in the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun with a major in business analytics. When Varuna identified this promising talent budding in Uttarakhand's winter capital, it recruited Piyush straight out of college. This happened in May 2018 and since then, Jain’s knowledge and skills have had a rapid growth trajectory. 

Understanding Clients, Analysing Data And Strategising Business Solutions. 

Piyush's  profile involves operating around a lot of data that generates essential customer insights. “A considerable amount of effort goes into understanding each client’s business scenario.” Once he’s well versed with core challenges and problems that his clients face, he dives into an intense strategy plan to carry out a smooth data solutioning. 
His experience with a diverse set of customers helps him foresee major challenges. He decodes his way through every client’s convoluted operations by analysing data and providing warehousing solutions. “Optimising supply chains has helped streamline all areas of business development.” He responds to RFQs by gathering inputs from other fellow experts.

Data provides me an opportunity to understand customers better.

Fascinated by data, he is always on his toes when it comes to emerging new trends in analytics. “Working in data introduces me to people working across multiple industries, from pharmaceuticals to oil lubricants, giving me exposure to varying operations and slants.”  For his future plans, Piyush is prepared to take data analytics in Varuna to towering heights by handling warehousing solutions for Varuna pan-India. He is looking to continuously invest in his upskilling and take advantage of Varuna's L&D programmes. He’s a natural explorer and loves travelling. In his free time, he likes playing cricket and table tennis.

"Good learnings, great mentorship and wonderful colleagues - that is Varuna for me."

Leading and growth-oriented mentors at Varuna have made his experience and time truly rewarding. It trains its team from scratch and helps enhance knowledge and skills that chart a promising path. “Getting opportunities to produce such high quality results at an MNC, would be next to impossible.” He finds that Varuna’s highly collaborative and integrated culture makes it the best place to venture in data analytics and supply chain management.

“Work brings you joy when you really care for what you do.”

“I’m deeply convinced with the saying - ‘If you love your job, you don’t work for a single day.’ This has always been my guiding principle, especially at work”, Piyush says in his dynamic persona. His rational approach, impeccable communication skills, analytical thinking and effective time management has made him client focused, eventually running a marathon, with every stride more systematic than before.

Work brings you joy

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