"Don’t be afraid to explore different roles and challenge yourself."

Turning dreams into reality

Ranjit Rathaur's story is one that can inspire hundreds by setting an example of a career trajectory that has been set with sheer perseverance and focus towards building a future for himself. His story began in the small town of Auraiya. With a plan in mind, he worked towards giving his life direction and shaping his future. Focussed on his education, he completed his degree in Bachelors of Commerce (B. Com.) and started work straight out of college in 2006 with the Varuna family.

“Every job has something new to teach you.”

He started out with Varuna as a Loading Clerk, in Uttar Pradesh. Over time, his urge to learn new things took over and with his capabilities being recognised by the leadership he started maintaining records and handling data entries. Once again, he grasped all the knowledge that he could and became efficient at his work which led him to manage finances for the entire North region. Soon, Ranjit became a man who could be trusted with any task and in 2013 he was transferred to Mahipalpur as a Key Account Manager. Today, he is the Deputy Manager in the commercial department.

Ranjit notes that being part of a group that encourages working in different departments allowed him the opportunity to gain a lot of experience in the overall working of the organisation. For a person who worked at the back-end, today he adeptly handles customer interactions and helps in closing queries, audits and billings. His career growth trajectory is exceptional and makes him an example of someone who can actually be good at different jobs.

He encourages everyone to work hard and gives his example to people. “I was a small town boy in a big city with determination to pave my way in the world, and look where I am today.” He believes that if people keep taking up challenges head-on and have a resolute heart then there’s no stopping them. And if you’re lucky enough to be part of an organisation like Varuna, then you should give your best to make the most out of it.

Always challenge yourself to work outside your comfort zone

“I had little to no experience of handling customers but I took it as an opportunity to enhance my skills.” recalls Ranjit. His inexperience with customer interaction made him open to learning from his seniors and putting in extra efforts to do the job well. He learned by reading a lot on customer relations in addition to observing how his seniors and counterparts work. From understanding the needs of the customers and building a relationship to make them see both sides of the coin, it was surely a challenge but his determination to keep moving forward paved the way for success. For his outstanding service of 15 years at Varuna Group, he received the Long-term Service Award in 2021. The best part about this award was being facilitated for his long service and gaining recognition as an asset for the company as he did every job that came his way with full dedication and determination.

“Be with an organisation that helps you to grow in all aspects of life.”

For him Varuna Group has been a place where he has grown himself and also witnessed the company grow. Pointing out the benefits of becoming a part of the company he mentions, “Varuna is a place which proactively adopts technology and new methods of working to become more efficient.” Ranjit credits the organisation to being an employee centric company. “The progress of every employee is noted and they are duly recognised for every achievement.” This boost that he gets from his seniors and the leadership has always been a point of pride for him. He adds, “I had this ideal work place in my mind, and luckily for me Varuna checks all the boxes.”

Always have a goal in your heart and a plan in your mind

Taking inspiration from Mr. Ratan Tata, Ranjit believes himself to be a futurist who thinks about his long-term goals for shaping his career plan. With 15 years of experience under his belt, he has chalked out a plan that will lead to his inter-departmental growth. “I’ve already learned a lot in Varuna but there is still so much more to learn here, in different departments.”

For him everyday is a new challenge where he gets to learn new things, interact with new customers and pick up new skill sets. He believes that his can-do attitude and the willingness to learn about the workings of different departments has helped him grow professionally and personally, becoming a well-rounded person.

“With the right attitude you can achieve all your dreams.”

Ranjit takes pride in the way his career has progressed. From his humble beginnings as a Loading Clerk to taking on tasks related to dealing with customers and currently managing responsibilities in the Commercial team, Ranjit provides a lesson in integrity and adaptability. Through sheer hard work, and holding a reputation of being accountable and proactive, he has forged a career path from which each one of us should take inspiration. “I just want the coming generation to take my journey as an example and realise that no matter which background you come from, if you have the willingness to learn, you’ll achieve great heights.”

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