“Varuna has been a great support in my journey from a home maker to a professional. It keeps me inspired even in the most challenging adversities.”

We often hear stories of stellar women with influential and driven personalities. One such inspiring employee in Varuna is Rita Joshi.
Hailing from Kotdwar, Uttarakhand, and with a Bachelor’s degree in arts, she joined Varuna as an executive in 2013, and later became a significant part of the billing team.
However, Rita’s corporate life wasn't a planned choice. Long before she joined in, she was a committed homemaker and wife to one of Varuna’s dedicated branch managers. Every day for 7 years, her husband focussed on his arduous managerial role at Varuna with rigour and a kind heart. Meanwhile, back at home, Rita’s ardent work maintained a happy household. Her life suddenly took a turn when one day in 2013, she was hit with her husband’s untimely demise.
She was then only a housewife, unaware of the corporate demands of the industry. Nonetheless, her adamance on wanting to provide for her daughter, who was then just a few months old, pushed her to stand up on her own feet. She joined Varuna when the HR team nudged her in their direction, and shifted gears with a fearless attempt at giving logistics a shot.

Once Rita stepped into the world of logistics, there was no looking back

She made a kickstart with only a little industry know-how that she learnt from her husband and a mind that was set to work dedicatedly. Her job involves checking bills, sorting out queries and rectifying document errors. She proved her mettle when she participated in a Mail Writing competition held internally and stood 3rd pan-india.

Rita Joshi
A Clean Heart and A Clearer Conscience

Rita’s meticulous approach reflects in her work accuracy. Emotionally balanced and submissive, Rita has always stood her ground and has politely fought for herself at work. On the other hand, when at fault, she has bravely admitted her errors and gone out on a limb to rectify them.

"Working with Varuna helped me become self-reliant"

She strongly believes that frivolous and negative mindframes will never foster problem solving attitudes. “Every employee at Varuna works in synergy to help create a free and flexible atmosphere, where everyone can work with a positive mind. As a single working mother, I highly value their emphasis on maintaining a work-life balance.” She says conditioning herself to adapt in this workspace has taught her to be immensely brave and mindful. Over the years, her responsibilities have shifted from managing basic tasks to more complex duties.

Rita has proven to be a symbol of undeterred will

Her striking confidence makes her way for an ambitious future, where she sees herself managing a strong and agile workforce. Rita has always aspired to be as resilient and sincere as her husband. “Being disheartened when things don’t go your way will only push you down. Things fell in place for me when I honoured my husband’s dreams, and his love and support for his family.”

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