“A positive mindset helps you achieve even the hardest goals.”

Turning unfavourable circumstances into opportunities

When the world came to a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the future of many people seemed bleak in their organisations, people like Rohit Chaudhary made the proactive and daring decision to move ahead in their career by stepping up and addressing the situation head on.

“You can’t achieve your goals by playing safe all the time.”

Belonging to a scenic town in Himachal Pradesh, Rohit was a man with big dreams. Dreams that he has worked hard to achieve. After pursuing a degree of Bachelors in Arts from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, he started a career in an international supply chain company. A hard worker and an avid learner, Rohit paved a path for himself in the organisation. The decision-making process itself though standardized, helped him create an identity for himself which led to building a long and loyal customer base. Thus, getting the responsibility to handle clients individually very early in his career.

The pandemic made life move in a different direction for him and he started his career with Varuna in July 2020. “Though my future felt uncertain at one point, the moment I stepped into the Varuna premises for my interview, I was impressed by its working environment.”

Faith in yourself can take you places

Stepping into a new workspace in the midst of a very uncertain period made him anxious  but with the help of his team and his seniors, he soon felt at ease. He assumed the position of a Warehouse Executive at MUF Ambala. Excited to prove his capabilities, he took every opportunity to showcase his skills.

With various Government rules in place pertaining to social distancing and nation-wide lockdown, Rohit was given the challenge to work with a limited number of team members while following all the guidelines. “There were days when there were only 3-4 people working in the warehouse and we still had to fulfil the client order.” It was his exemplary performance in handling the team, delivering to the customer and accepting challenges as they came that he was honoured with the SPOT Excellence award   - an award presented to employees for a job well done - within just the first 6 months. This recognition boosted his morale and cemented his place at Varuna

“Patience allows you to find the correct solutions.”

His persistent nature and patience played a big factor in increasing the efficiency of the warehouse. He faced an issue with the already  limited workforce available for work due to the high risk of the Coronavirus. However, with his sound advice and motivation they were able to conquer their fear and able to work above and beyond their roles whilst adhering to all safety norms. This excellent turnaround and getting 99% achievement in the Warehouse audit were all examples of his innovative thinking which led to the growth of the Company and him being awarded the Shabash Card , a recognition given to those employees who have done an exemplary job in their field.

Even in this short journey of 1.5 years Rohit has seen himself grow professionally and personally. From gaining new skills of working in a technology-first warehouse to gaining more confidence of handling clients independently, Rohit believes that he has set out on the right track of life. “I had never worked in a warehouse that was so technologically advanced and I knew this would be a challenge for me. It took me some time to get the hang of how things work but it has turned out to be the best learning experience for me.”

A team that backs you & seniors that support you

“The warm, friendly environment at Varuna has surely helped me grow as a person.”, he mentions. Whenever he was stuck in a situation that he couldn’t find a solution to, Rohit turned to his mentor and seniors for support. Be it an issue with a client or the need for manpower, he knew that his seniors always had his back. 

This constant support from Varuna encouraged him even more to work selflessly for the organisation. “I believe if I keep pushing myself to do my best the company will grow and when the company will grow I will too.” 

“With your team by your side you’re bound to make the right decisions.”

“My team is my family and every decision I take is taken after I’ve discussed it with them.” The attention to detail for him begins with starting his day by gathering all his team members and jotting down the agenda for the day. They then move on to discuss the best course of action and go about their day. It is with paying heed to the small things that he has been able to move ahead and take on additional responsibility in such a short time.

All things are possible for those who believe. Rohit intends to keep working with all determination & sees himself as Warehouse Manager in the near future. “I trust that my leaders will recognise my capabilities and help pave the way for a brighter future.”

Wish to experience what unlimited growth facilitated by an exceptional team & great leadership feels like?