“Keep yourself updated with the latest knowledge and see the opportunities it brings.”

Make your work your biggest motivator

A man with IT prowess, Roshan is the tech guru of Varuna Group. It was in 2012 that he started his journey as a Manager in the IT department Varuna Group today is a well-known supply chain management firm that leverages technology in order to ensure operational excellence , something that is known to its competitors. Change is essential to many aspects of business and our working life and most of these changes have been revolutionary technological initiatives that are the brainchild of Roshan.

“I was a one-man army, doing every task on my own,'' recalls Roshan. As soon as he joined, Roshan identified all the functional changes he wanted to bring about in the organization. His first matter of business was to stop outsourcing the IT tasks. Slowly, he built the whole department from the ground up and today they are a strong team of 15+ people including the testing & development team, support team and business analysts. With his first challenge completed, he moved towards his next goal - automation of ERP.

“Keep looking for opportunities and grasp it as soon as you get one.”

With time, Roshan spearheaded numerous projects which helped Varuna to stand out from the crowd. Recognising the need of tracking & monitoring on road, he took the initiative to share the idea of geofencing, and today every movement of Varuna trucks, every delay and the exact ETA can be tracked.

Roshan has always been a visionary and man with a plan. With a clarity for his path and a well chalked out plan for his future, Roshan is an example for all of us. Hailing from the state of Bihar where he completed his initial education, he shifted to Karnataka to pursue his degree in M. Tech. from Karnataka Open University. From his very first job he has been attached to the logistics industry. During his tenure at an IT firm, Roshan supported Varuna Group in a project. It was from that project that his capabilities were recognised by the Varuna leadership and he was offered a position. From that day onwards, Roshan has made great strides for himself as well as for the company.

Taking digitisation a step further

Keeping pace with the ever-evolving technology, Roshan’s IT department worked tirelessly to digitise as many operations as possible. Their initiatives helped optimise the workforce and streamlined many processes within the company. His team introduced e-LR, e-invoicing, e-POD, and integrated systems with government websites.

“I am very dedicated to my work and keep looking for ways to upgrade our systems.” Roshan also constantly motivates his team to upskill themselves and stay a step ahead. “With all that my team has achieved so far, we have already started working on our next project.”

“Working with a team as motivated as you does wonders.”

This dedication towards the company and the constant changes being made to the system has enabled Varuna to become one of the first logistics companies in India to go cashless. “Earlier a cashier used to give money to the drivers for all their expenses but now the drivers are provided with a card that they use for all transactions.” This has helped build transparency in the system; a core value for Varuna Group.

The burning passion within Roshan becomes brighter because of the leadership at Varuna. “If you’re dedicated towards the task you’ve been assigned, just remember that your talents are being noticed and will be duly rewarded.” He says that it’s not only about the rewards but also about the environment of the company. “My seniors have always motivated me to keep enhancing my skills, and the best way to repay them is by using those skills to Varuna’s benefits.”

Don’t ever think you’ve done enough

And it is not just about being recognised as an employee, Varuna recognises every individual as a family member. “I was quite unwell and had to undergo a major surgery. All through my tough times Varuna stood by my side, and supported me financially as well as emotionally.”

“Always stay excited about what’s going to come next.”

It is his passion for technology and his ability to align it with the needs of the company that gives Roshan an edge. He proudly looks back to the day he joined Varuna and has big dreams for his future. “If everything goes well then I’d like to see myself as a functional head at Varuna.”

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