“Don’t ever discriminate against any task that comes your way; every job you do should be celebrated as an achievement.”

Accomplishing one goal at a time

Sandeep Banerjee believes that success comes to those who work hard in life; that is his guiding principle. Being the son of a soldier and growing up amidst army personnel he inculcated a never-give-up attitude that enabled him to keep moving forward in the most challenging times. He was only 16 years old and studying in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Delhi Cantt when he took up his first job to support his family. This determination has paved a path for him towards a promising and rewarding career


“I have always grasped every opportunity to learn and effectively apply my skills."

Sandeep’s first job involved door-to-door selling of products. He recalls that there was a time when it used to get hard for him to achieve his daily targets. After this short stint he moved on to work as a packing boy for a well-known courier company. Owing to his dedication, Sandeep was offered a full-time position there. His skills enabled him to rise to the position of Operations Manager - North Head by 2011. Though this was a big achievement for him, he soon realised that he needed to seek new opportunities as his growth within the company was limited.

In March 2011, Sandeep joined Varuna, where he was initially responsible for manual MIS and managed DEPS issues pan-India. Today, he is the Zonal Head - Operations in the South 2 Zone where the branches of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Raipur, Nagpur are under his command. Responsible for managing the end-to-end movement of the fleet, his job starts from the time an order has been placed till the delivery of the consignment.

An innovative heart and a visionary mind

Sandeep is an avid learner and never misses an opportunity to gain new skills and use them to his advantage. For instance, even though he never got the opportunity to complete his graduation, Sandeep made himself proficient in various IT skills at his friend’s IT institute. This knowledge was put to use when he initiated the automation of various processes like MIS, at Varuna.

“I don’t let my job description define my responsibilities. I keep looking for ways to enhance the operations of the company.” Sandeep initiated the idea of various awards and recognitions like the Shabash Award at Varuna proving his ability to think beyond his role. His innovative mind and loyalty towards Varuna encouraged the leadership to give him autonomy when it came to his work. 

“ I’m aware of the inner workings of operations, and that, I believe, gives me a wider perspective.”

This freedom coupled with Sandeep’s determination opened the doors to success, and he was soon given the responsibility of vendor management. The leadership trusted him and knew that if any task seemed impossible they could rely on Sandeep to make it possible.
It was in August 2016 when Sandeep received a call from Mr. Vivek Juneja, Founder & MD, Varuna Group, asking him to shift to Mumbai and assume the position of Zonal Head. “I readily accepted the job even though I had no prior experience. Vivek sir had faith in me, then I could surely do it.” His capability of efficiently leading the East Zone got him transferred to South Zone 2 which was struggling to make a profit with only 2-3 employees. Sandeep transformed the complete zone by increasing the profits and making the team 30 people strong. 

"Believe in the people you work with. "

Sandeep attributes his success to the faith the leadership has shown in him. “The leadership does not micromanage me and has encouraged me to think beyond my role.” This autonomy enabled Sandeep to introduce E-LR in Varuna. “Varuna is a futuristic company. When I proposed the idea of E-LR, POD modules or rather any automation, every concerned person looked at the proposal and implemented it without hesitation.”, Sandeep recalls. He also mentions that if someone is looking to work for a company that values its employees, it’s Varuna! 
Sandeep emphasises that Varuna is one such place where employees can bank on growing within the company. “Most of the people who have assumed senior positions have worked their way up from the very bottom.” And this enables every senior to understand what their junior is going through, supporting them throughout their journey. 
“I vividly remember that one summer I fell ill.  When Vivek sir, got to know about it, he gave me a call, and spoke to me for 22 minutes,” recalls Sandeep. During the conversation the emotional support that he received from Mr. Vivek Juneja comforted him and the words of motivation inspire him till date.

“My team is my family, and I work hard to make that bond stronger.”

Sandeep shares that he has always been treated as a family member of Varuna and he shares a warm relationship with his co-workers. He loves to go out and mentions, “My team has the maximum number of outings. We’ll go to any place for a picnic, cook food and enjoy ourselves. This is like a bonding exercise for the team.”
Thinking about his future with Varuna, Sandeep aspires to become the Director of Operations at Varuna. “I believe that hard work always pays off and I know that I’m going to achieve this dream of mine.”

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