“Varuna is the place to be if you have the capability and the desire to grow.”

Every experience is a learning opportunity.

Saurabh Sharma, a simple man with a humble background has the will to work hard and take on every opportunity he gets to grow, professionally and personally. He obtained a B.Com degree and started off as an entrepreneur but his destiny took him elsewhere. While working as a supplier for the Indian Railways, Saurabh’s talent was recognized by Mr. Vikas Juneja, and in 1997 he started his journey with Varuna.

When your personal goals and values align with that of the company, you are surely on a path to success."

Saurabh was appointed as the Manager of the first branch opened by Varuna in Rewa, Bareilly. “Varuna solely catered to the cement industry till 1999. Today, we are the preferred logistics company for various industries with the largest owned-fleet of dry cargo container trucks” recollects Saurabh. 

With little knowledge or experience in the logistics industry, it was the management’s support which helped him learn the ropes on the job.  Today, he is the General Manager of the Kolkata fleet hub, which he helped setup. He oversees the profit center and the day-to-day operations there as part of his role.

Saurabh has been at the nexus of Varuna’s expansion

The strong mentorship provided by the management has made his experience at Varuna extremely rewarding. In addition to that, working closely with numerous clients has given Saurabh a rich experience, enhancing his skillset. 

“The pool of competent employees will spearhead the organization to touch new heights.”

“I’ve witnessed Varuna grow from one single branch to where it stands today.” As Varuna was expanding, Saurabh played a key role by helping setup new branches and offering his expertise wherever and whenever required. 
Saurabh also emphasises that the familial environment within Varuna is its strength. “The empathetic atmosphere fostered by the senior management trickles down to all levels and that’s what makes every employee dedicated towards the organization.”

Fostering an environment of mutual respect

Saurabh strongly believes, if one has the willingness to learn and grow then Varuna  is just the place for you. He commends the support that the leadership provides to its employees, “Every employee is a family member, and the best part about this family is that in a situation of crisis we stand by each other, providing emotional and mental support, which is crucial.” Saurabh recalls that during a personal crisis he received immense support from both the leadership and his colleagues which helped him to cope well with the situation.
His experience working with the organization has been remarkable and he mentions that if his son would want to work in the logistics industry then Varuna would be his topmost preference, without any doubt! The bond between the organization and Saurabh is profound with plans of staying with Varuna till the day he retires.

“I’ve set out on a path to realise the dream I’ve seen.”

With his retirement getting closer, there’s one dream that Saurabh has seen, and wishes to fulfil for the Kolkata fleet hub. “I want to make the Kolkata fleet hub as big as, if not bigger than, the Mother fleet hub situated at Dharuhera, and I’ve started taking small steps towards this dream of mine.” With a strong team of 22 under him, Saurabh believes the realization of his goal is imminent. 

Wish to experience what unlimited growth facilitated by an exceptional team & great leadership feels like?