“I’m not just associated with Varuna Group - it’s in my blood! With my team’s help, I am driving the change to turn Varuna into India’s leading logistics company.”

Srinivasan Bhavan joined Varuna Group as General Manager - Fleet in 2017. Born and raised in Delhi, he started his career in 1987 after securing a degree in engineering and went on to work at renowned companies like Ashok Leyland, Tata, Volvo India and Kinglong China. For the entirety of his tenure with these companies, Srinivasan played a crucial role in shaping their branding & business strategies.

"I don’t feel like an employee, I act like an owner at Varuna."

As GM - Fleet, Srinivasan has wholeheartedly dedicated himself to shaping a strong future for Varuna Group. He takes care of the new developments & innovations while supporting the maintenance team, pan-India. In his time at Varuna, he has focused on procurement, better maintenance and improvement of vehicles, and channelled his energy towards introducing intensive training sessions for drivers in Dharuhera, Haryana. He has built a strong technical team and helped Varuna become BS-VI ready by upgrading the existing staff and hiring new, technically advanced professionals.

Helping the organisation evolve at every turn

“I joined Varuna with the determination to bring about a change. I can finally see that change taking shape”, Srinivasan recalls. One of the first changes he brought within the organisation was to build a strong, coherent brand identity, something with which even the employees would resonate. He felt that having a uniform with the brand logo placed close to the heart would imbibe a spirit of brand ownership in everyone. “I wanted our people to move past the employee tag and consider themselves a part of the Varuna family”, he adds. 

"Embody the spirit of the organisation to achieve the objectives that are important for both you and your organisation."

The Varuna-owned container body fleet launched in 2008 was durable, lightweight, waterproof and could carry more weight. Srinivasan, with his team, further improved its features and moved its efficiency a few notches above. Since his first day at Varuna, Srinivasan has also been an integral part of the core fleet operations team. His knowledge and rich experience with nationally acclaimed companies add a new dimension to the idea of establishing Varuna as a brand to reckon with.

Following the 3C’s - Communication, Confidence & Commitment

The key reason behind Srinivasan joining Varuna was Vikas Juneja, Founder & Chairman. He found the latter to be a vessel of knowledge from whom he could learn aplenty and see the world of logistics through a new lens. His 6 years of experience within the logistics domain, has helped Srinivasan work even harder while keeping calm and improving his inner peace. He explains, “The beauty of the logistics industry is that you have to interact with a range of minds: educated and learned people, as well as drivers who might take time to decipher and implement the changes that you are proposing.” 

“I’m committed to seeing Varuna Group through the culmination of all its goals.”

Srinivasan aims to make Varuna Group a leader in the logistics & supply chain business and desires that its name be taken in the same breath as the leading brands of today. He intends to play an active role in helping Varuna reach great heights. “I tell everyone who works with me that Varuna is in my blood” and that’s exactly how deep and true his devotion runs. He also has a strong sense of social responsibility and plans to play an active role in CSR & other volunteering opportunities.


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