“Always remember that there is no end to learning in this lifetime.”

Sheer determination is all you need

“When life throws challenges at you, convert them into opportunities.”, states Sunil. Prudent advice coming from a man who went against all odds to build a successful career. Sunil Chaudhary had a vision in mind and charted a path for himself to achieve it. His journey started from a small town close to Hisar. A town with limited means where he completed his 10th standard and then moved to Meerut to pursue further education. “The only means of transport in my town was to go around on a bicycle. Public buses were rarely scheduled to pass by the town hence, I could not travel to the city everyday.” His move to Meerut to pursue further education was a planned one and led him to take the initial steps towards building his career.

With a strong, determined mind, he completed his B. Com. from Meerut. Sunil had luck by his side as he landed a job with Varuna, in 2002, right out of college. Since that day, Sunil has not looked back and made strides towards achieving his goals. From being a Loading Clerk to aiming to handle a complete zone, his journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

“Even the most difficult task looks trivial if you have the willingness to succeed.”

When he started out with Varuna, the office was undergoing a transformation from Data Tally to ERP. Being his first job and with the whole system changing, Sunil was presented with a big challenge. He had to undergo intense training to get a grasp of the system and the industry. With the support of his seniors, Sunil brought his skills, curiosity, and true self to work, familiarising with the system quickly.

Initially working as a Loading Clerk in the Mumbai office, Sunil displayed a strong skill set of oral communication and the negotiation which led to him being promoted as Credit Controller for the West region. Sunil soon became the go-to person for tasks that involved protecting the Company’s revenue stream. “I remember a payment was being held, and I was asked to visit the site and help release the payment. I put my people skills to work and with the assistance of the leadership, I was able to get that payment released.”

His next opportunities involved handling different locations like Pune and Bilaspur. Having recognised his capabilities and his willingness to learn more, his seniors decided to expand his skill set by transferring him to a different department. To ensure his inter-departmental growth he was transferred to the Gurugram office as a Key Account Manager. “The role was completely new to me as up until now I was working in Operations. But my senior showed confidence in me which boosted me to take up the role.”

Though initially sceptical about moving departments, his openness to trying an alternative department was motivated by the will to create his own learning curve. With his eye still on the goal, Sunil is looking forward to learning a lot more from different departments. “Today I’ve 12 active clients under me but I’m looking forward to solely handling a zone, and I’m sure I’ll soon achieve it.”

Taking a step towards the unknown

With little to no experience in handling clients directly, Sunil took up this challenge and set out to learn as much as he could. He dedicated all his time to becoming better at his job and growing personally as well as professionally. From solving the day-to-day client issues to outstanding payments and payment reconciliation, all these tasks which were new to Sunil are now what he excels in.

“My main source of learning new skills has been observing my seniors and counterparts and raising a question whenever I had a doubt.” recalls Sunil. For him, observation is the best tool to grasp knowledge and then implement it on the job to practice what you’ve learnt.

“The final push to achieve your goal always comes from within.”

Sunil mentions that the reason why he gives his all to the organisation is not only because he is determined to learn and grow but also because the Varuna Group does everything it can to help its employees succeed. “I’ve always felt confident while taking up any and all tasks because I know that there is someone who’s ready to support me if I falter.” And according to Sunil this is a big compliment for any organisation.

He goes on to share how lucky he feels to be a part of an organisation that thinks about its employees. “I admire that the Varuna Group does everything in its power to help its employees. I believe that it is one of the few logistics companies that has vastly adopted technology.” He also applauds the efforts taken to implement different strategies that make working at Varuna easy.

Set your mind to the goal

In his two decades of service with Varuna, Sunil has learnt one key lesson - maintaining relationships. Be it his clients or his colleagues, he has always made it a point to forge a familial relationship with them. He describes everyday as a new challenge and eagerly looks towards a new day, a new challenge that’ll teach him something different.

“Your colleagues have a big hand in you making it big.”

Sunil proudly looks back to the day when he first started working with Varuna and compares it to where he stands today. He is an example of a determined spirit with a clear vision, and willingness to adapt and learn. His message to his colleagues is to work hard for their dreams and not shy away from achieving what they want. “If you have a goal in your mind and you are ready to work hard then Varuna is just the place for you.”

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