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Varuna Group in Kolkata

Varuna Group is a supreme warehousing and logistics company in Kolkata and is committed to providing clients with the most elevated level of service. We have built our reputation on providing cost-efficient and reliable logistics solutions.

We deliver a comprehensive range of logistics services, including transportation and warehouse services in Kolkata. This enables us to provide customers with a seamless supply chain solution that maximises efficiency and minimises costs. Our advanced technology systems allow us to provide real-time tracking of your cargo and inventory, giving you complete visibility and control over your supply chain.

We offer a wide range of transportation services for customers and have a fleet of well-maintained vehicles that are equipped to handle different types of cargo, including large, complex and heavy lift cargo, with the use of the latest technology to track and monitor vehicles, ensuring that your cargo is delivered on time and in perfect condition.

Our state-of-the-art facility warehouse in Kolkata is designed to fulfil customers' requirements. These warehouses have modern security systems, fire protection systems, and temperature-controlled storage. With inventory management services, the team of experts will work meticulously to create a customised storage solution that meets your specific needs.

Varuna is dedicated to helping clients achieve their business objectives and constantly seeks to improve efficiency. We are well-positioned to fulfil customers' evolving needs in Kolkata and beyond.

Our Services:

Logistics Services

At Varuna, we use state-of-the-art technology, mobility, agility, and data analytics, to support our back-end logistics solutions. You may have a small, medium, or big business; trust us with outsourcing your logistics operations and get stress-free.

Primary Transportation Services Kolkata

Primary Transportation Services

Primary transportation services involve various processes related to the movement of raw materials, spare parts, and unfinished goods from suppliers’ warehouses to plant locations, warehouses, distributor locations, or even end-customer locations across Kolkata. This includes both inbound and outbound transportation.

Secondary Transportation Services in Kolkata

Secondary Transportation Services

Secondary transportation services involve picking up finished goods from the central warehouse to regional warehouses and distribution centers for further dispatch. This movement needs to be within the agreed turnaround time (TAT).

Expedited Transportation Services in Kolkata

Expedited Transportation Services

Whenever you need to deliver goods anywhere, call us. Being the leading logistics company in Kolkata, our bandwidth helps us offer expedited transportation services to our valued customers. Apart from express delivery, Varuna offers its customers Full Truck Load (FTL), same-day delivery, all-India delivery, and even beyond.

Project Cargo Services in Kolkata

Project Cargo Services

At Varuna, our expert Project Cargo team has to complete know-how to all kinds of cargo irrespective of its shape, size, weight, or volume. So, whatever may be your need, trust Varuna to deliver it safely on time to any destination within India. We also have extensive reach in neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.



In Kolkata, Varuna Group is synonymous with the best logistics services. We ensure a top of mind recall for offering consistent, reliable, and efficient warehouse management services. We help our customers save a lot of time and money by making use of the latest technology. The use of WMS and bots has made the entire process automated and error-free.

Consolidation Warehousing

Consolidation Warehousing Kolkata

Often companies make different components in their plants spread over other cities within a given geographic region. Before distributing goods to regional warehouses, distributors, or end customers, they must be collected and consolidated at a central warehouse. This Consolidation Warehousing helps customers derive cost efficiencies by using small, medium, or large vehicles depending upon the requirement.



In-Plant Warehousing

Companies involved in production round the clock require an uninterrupted supply of raw materials while keeping the inventory carrying cost low. The best way to achieve these twin objectives is In-Plant warehousing. The outsourced vendor manages the warehouse within the plant premise, in line with their production requirements without any breakdown.

In-Plant Warehousing in Kolkata

Companies involved in production round the clock require an uninterrupted supply of raw materials while keeping the inventory carrying cost low. The best way to achieve these twin objectives is In-Plant warehousing. The outsourced vendor manages the warehouse within the plant premise, in line with their production requirements without any breakdown.

Distribution Warehousing

Kolkata Distribution Warehousing

While a product is produced at one location, it is consumed at multiple places. This requires distributing the product from the central warehouse to the regional warehouses. Distribution Warehousing makes it possible for our customers to ensure the distribution of products to their dealers, distributors, and end customers.

Value Added Services

We go beyond the hygiene warehousing and transportation services to offer value-added services to our clients. Using our operational and service excellence, we offer our customers a one-stop service bouquet that includes:

Labelling      |      Kitting/Dekitting      |      Returns handling      |      Quality checks      |      Refurbishing

Varuna Logistics Kolkata team

Key Features of Varuna Logistics

Our continuous quest for excellence and innovation has made us one of the choicest logistics companies in Kolkata. At Varuna Group, we believe in evolving ourselves to the changing needs of our customers. We continuously upgrade our services offerings to match our services to the industry benchmarks.

Varuna Logistics Kolkata Dedicated team workforce

Dedicated & trained workforce: Training is a never-ending process. At Varuna, we strongly believe in this. That's why we keep upgrading and updating our crew and inculcate the habit for minute detailing. This regular training keeps them updated on the latest techniques and the best practices to offer seamless logistics and warehousing operations.

Skilled in the handling of special products: When it comes to handling cargo of any type, dimension, or volume, Varuna Group is a trusted name across the city of Kolkata. Be it a fragile item, heavy machinery, or even a product with special needs, Varuna Group is well-equipped to deliver it to its destination safe and secure.

Automation enabled: At Varuna, we believe technology is a great enabler to offer efficient warehousing services seamlessly. That’s why we have invested a great deal in automation to make our processes quick and transparent. Our robust quality management system helps us provide maximum efficiency to your clients.

Flexible warehousing system: Varuna Group offers customers the flexibility to use the warehouse space on a pay-per-use method when offering warehousing in Kolkata. Now the customers get the flexibility of varying their warehouse space as per their requirement without impacting the service quality.


Ans.We work with our customers on long term agreements. We generally work with pre-decided mutually agreed SLAs. These SLAs are evaluated monthly, and a report is shared with our customers. In the unlikely case of any deviation in SLA, it is taken up by management, and strict action is taken to address that.

Ans. At Varuna Group, we offer logistics services through roadways. This includes primary, secondary, expedited transportation, project cargo, dedicated and multi-user warehousing as well as, related value-added services.

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