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Varuna Group is a top logistics company in Pune, offering services developed to meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes. We pride ourselves on being the leading logistics company in Pune, offering a wide range of services tailored to meet clients' specific needs. We have a warehouse facility in Nagpur that offers reliable and efficient storage solutions for businesses and individuals in the region.

Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with GPS tracking, allowing us to monitor goods' location at all times. This ensures that your goods are delivered on time and in perfect condition. We have a team of experienced logistics professionals dedicated to ensuring that goods are delivered to the correct location at the right time.

One of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is transit time. Clients save up to 50% on transit time, which means that goods will reach their destination faster and more efficiently. We also have a 95% on-time placement record.

Another vital feature is our safety record and a dedicated team of safety professionals responsible for ensuring that our vehicles are safe & secure. This means that goods will be protected at all times, and you can have peace of mind knowing that clients’ goods are in good hands. Varuna's high transit time savings, on-time placement record, and dedication to safety make us the best choice for a 3PL logistics service provider in Pune.

Our Services:

Logistics Services

Varuna Group possesses all it takes to offer the best in logistics – most advanced digital technology, mobility and data analytics among others to support our backend operations. Big or small logistics requirements we can handle them all to focus on your core business.

Primary Transportation Services in Pune

Primary Transportation Services

We incorporates the various activities and processes associated with transporting raw materials, unfinished inventories and any other component from suppliers to warehouses or stores in Pune. The Primary transportation services include both inbound and outbound movement of products.

Secondary Transportation Services in Chennai

Secondary Transportation Services

We incorporate the various activities and processes associated with picking and transporting the finished products from the central warehouses of the company and delivering them to different warehouses or distribution centers.

Expedited Transportation Services in Chennai

Expedited Transportation Services

Incorporates the various activities and processes associated with arranging delivery at short notice. For any such emergency requirement across Pune, get in touch with us. We have the required capabilities to meet your needs with express delivery, same-day delivery, Full Truck Load (FTL), all-India delivery, and even delivery beyond international borders

Project Cargo Services Chennai

Project Cargo Services

The project cargo team at Varuna is entirely competent and confident when handling cargo shipments of any size, shape, and volume. So, when you have cargo to be sent within Pune or across India, call us and experience the world-class cargo services from Varuna Group. We have extended our services beyond international borders to countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.



In Pune, Varuna Group offers the best warehousing services. We help our customers achieve efficiencies through consistent, reliable, and efficient warehousing management services. Thus, helping customers save time and money by using the latest advanced technologies like WMS and bots. These reduce the chances of human error and make the process easy to control.

Consolidation Warehousing

Consolidation Warehousing Chennai

Consolidation warehousing refers to the various activities and processes related to collating multiple products or components from different manufacturing plants of a company into one central warehouse. After consolidating the products, the consignment is delivered to dealers, distributors, or customers end-points.



In-Plant Warehousing

In-Plant warehousing refers to the various activities and processes related to managing a warehouse near the manufacturing capacity. This warehouse is maintained by a third party, aiming to minimize the inventory carrying cost and ensures a smooth production. The third party manages the stock per their production plan.

In-Plant Warehousing Chennai

In-Plant warehousing refers to the various activities and processes related to managing a warehouse near the manufacturing capacity. This warehouse is maintained by a third party, aiming to minimize the inventory carrying cost and ensures a smooth production. The third party manages the stock per their production plan.

Distribution Warehousing

Distribution Warehousing Chennai

Just the opposite of Consolidation Warehousing, Distribution Warehousing refers to the various activities and processes to ensure the product's availability. Products are sent (or distributed) from the central warehouse to different regional warehouses. The products are delivered to all dealer and distributor points and even end-customer locations from these various regional warehouses.

Value Added Services

Moving beyond warehousing and transportation services, we utilize our operational and service strengths to provide our customers with a one-stop solution, including:

Labelling      |      Kitting/Dekitting      |      Returns handling      |      Quality checks      |      Refurbishing

Varuna Integrated Logistics Pune team

Key Features of Varuna Logistics

Our passion for excellence and innovation has made us one of the leading logistics companies in Pune. In our journey of over two decades, we have continuously upgraded our services to offer our clients the best of everything in logistic solutions.

Varuna Integrated Logistics dedicated workforce, Chennai

Dedicated & trained workforce:Training acts as the backbone for any successful company. At Varuna, we are passionate about our workforce. We continuously work to upgrade our team and offer seamless logistics solutions.

Skilled in the handling of special products: Varuna Group is an expert in handling cargo of every product type, independent of its size, shape, and volume. So, if you have a fragile item or heavy machinery within India or nearby countries, rely on Varuna to ensure safe storage and delivery.

Automation enabled: We believe in working with the best and latest technology to derive the best from our capabilities. This justifies our investment in robust technologies and software that provide maximum efficiency to our customers.

Flexible warehousing system: Varuna Group is reckoned to be a pioneer in understanding your requirements and being proactive about them. Our unique pay-per-use method lets you pay only for the space that you occupy. So, pick up the phone and let us know your requirements, and we will be glad to oblige.


Ans.We believe in long-lasting relationships with our clients. To maintain satisfaction, our team always works on pre-defined agreed SLAs and monthly reports are shared with clients for complete transparency. If clients want any changes in the SLA, it is specially addressed by our management team.

Ans. At Varuna Group, we offer logistics solutions including primary transportation, secondary transportation, expedited transportation, project cargo, dedicated and multi-user warehousing and related value-added services. All these services are provided through roadways.

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