“I put my heart & soul into ensuring that our team members feel valued and closely connected to each other.”

A simple man with a kind heart and lofty aspirations, Sudhir Kumar has been managing Varuna’s HR operations at the fleet level in Dharuhera, Haryana since 2011. Born and brought up in the same state, he completed his graduation from Rohtak and MBA from Hisar before accepting a role in the HR department of a textile manufacturing firm in 2008. In 3 years, Sudhir decided to make the shift to Varuna and hasn’t looked back since.

“When I joined, I was good at personnel administration. Varuna taught me the art of engaging & truly connecting with people.”

Sudhir’s typical day at work is bustling with activity. “I handle the HR operations for 5 fleets and am directly responsible for a 400+ strong team”, he adds. A remarkable planner and a people’s person, he is exceptional in his ability to form connections with people from different backgrounds, experiences and capabilities. Be it coordinating across departments, having a heart-to-heart with his colleagues or hiring the right individuals, Sudhir constantly goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that his team gets the best experience.

Sudhir Kumar
Taking his vocation to the next level

Sudhir has been instrumental in the success of several projects & initiatives during his tenure. In line with his mantra to keep the team focused & engaged, he has streamlined and systemized employee-centric processes to a great degree. "When I joined Varuna, onboarding formalities used to take up to 8 days. We've successfully brought it down to just one day, " he comments. Sudhir has implemented HRMS across all levels to usher in complete transparency and hence greater productivity. He has inspired the adoption of automation & digital systems in the HR department while bringing down the total paperwork to a mere 20%. Sensing Varuna’s affinity for technology and the technical challenges BS VI adoption may pose, he has upgraded the employee skill set criterion.

"My team members are my greatest motivation. I want to help them hone their potential and grow into inspiring leaders."

Sudhir, working closely with the fleet head, is passionate about nurturing leaders in the team. Aiming to help everyone feel heard & understand the gravitas of their presence in the company, Sudhir organises and conducts annual feedback surveys. He further explains, "Feedbacks empower our people and make us more cohesive as a team. Our surveys are quite useful in bridging the generational gap between the policy-makers and the rest of us".

Thoughtful, thankful and thriving

Sudhir admiringly remembers an old conversation with Vikas Juneja, Founder & Chairman. "He knows a lot about trucks, but he also knows a lot more about humans". When one of his team members fell severely ill and had to be hospitalised, Sudhir received a call from the Chairman, asking him to ensure that he gets the best treatment and that nothing else matters. He further mentions that moments like these come naturally to the people at Varuna because much like a family, they value each other and are closely connected.

"The best thing about Varuna is that no policies are made in a closed room."

From a senior executive to now an HR manager, Sudhir’s potential has been thoroughly nurtured. Till date, he has taken on several major responsibilities & assignments and seen them through to successful completion. Along the course, he has taken the effort to connect with people at a deeper level and, rightly so, they have found in him a confidant and a reliable partner.

Sudhir Kumar

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