“Varuna Group gives potential recruits exactly what they seek - a dynamic, healthy and affable work culture - which is not something easily attainable in the logistics industry.”

Sunita Mahla, a strong-headed and ambitious woman, acquired her master’s in Human Resources at the University of Mumbai, the ultimate hub of aspirations. Her marriage brought her to Gurugram where she worked in talent acquisition for 4 years. After gaining a thorough understanding of the kind of workforce the logistics industry needs, she successfully transitioned from overseeing & managing regional recruitments to the more pivotal nationwide recruitments at Varuna Group.

“I believe that if you stay committed long enough, eventually everything works out.”

Her role of talent acquisition saw a major leap from recruiting only for warehousing to shifting gears and build a wider network for all services. In her new role, Sunita would acquire talent from across the nation. It demanded of her to bring in a fresh and broader lens, think big and be extra resourceful. Her previous experience and her belief that every new opportunity is both an achievement & a learning yardstick, helped her shift smoothly. She embraced the role with all its ups and downs and stood committed knowing that things will work out eventually. 

Fostering healthy relationships with a smile

Sunita’s background, that gives her a basic understanding of human psychology, helps her foster healthy relations both personally and professionally. Her rigour and energy help her glide through an ‘often exhausting, always on’ daily schedule. “I face challenges with a smile”, Sunita says. Her bustling activities can be witnessed throughout the day, with her running between multiple floors and departments, without an ounce of exhaustion on her face.

“In just 2 years with Varuna Group, my hard work has been recognised and awarded in 3 distinct categories.” 

Sunita believes that truthful & sincere work is always rewarded. She comments, “At times, my work has been noticed even without any personal interactions.” She has observed that Varuna’s culture is meritocratic and purely focused on quality hiring. She finds the environment to be jovial and her teammates, including seniors, friendly & approachable. “This is what draws in a lot of our technical recruits too. Logistics is a serious business and a healthy, employment-friendly work culture in this industry is not something easily attainable. Our management’s incredible flexibility & support, even during a pandemic, shows how committed Varuna is to its employees.” 

Focussed on hiring the right people

Sunita enjoys the challenges her role presents her with. Getting to meet and speak with different people has given her an understanding of different human minds and behaviours. This has helped her to deduce work solutions with a rational mindset. Although she juggles between more than a few responsibilities as an Assistant Manager, she claims talent acquisition is her ultimate passion. “Colleagues, including my superiors have appreciated my hiring skills.” She has learnt to identify the right kind of talent and precise skill-sets that the logistics industry demands. 

“I’m a strong believer in the adage - Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Sunita strongly aspires to grow with Varuna Group and keep on learning new things. Her overall experience at the company has strengthened her willpower and inspired her greatly. She adds, “I have never treated recruitment as a job. Over the years, people who had opposing views have effortlessly been convinced to join in and people with humdrum and mechanical jobs have been promoted to better roles.” 

Wish to experience what unlimited growth facilitated by an exceptional team & great leadership feels like?